Health Benefits of Black Tea

Black tea, green tea, oolong tea and white tea are four of the most famous teas in China. Though black tea uses the same leaves as green tea, they taste tremendously different because of the different processing methods. Black tea is well fermented, during which tea polyphenols react with the enzymes, giving black tea its mild flavor. Fun fact: Since black tea water appears to be orange or red, people in China generally call it red tea whereas in English it is referred to black tea.

It’s well-known that green tea helps improve digestion and reduce fat–not only can black tea do the same, but also it has some unique benefits of its own, including detoxifying heavy metal, diminishing inflammation and so on.

First of all, black tea has a higher percentage of caffeine over green tea, which stimulates the brain and helps enhance memory, as well as revitalizes oneself from fatigue and stress. Also, caffeine helps improve blood circulation, and decreases the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, one cup of black tea on a winter’s afternoon can boost your energy and improve your working efficiency.

As a matter of fact, drinking black tea in the summer is healthy too. The polyphenols, sugar, amino acids and pectin can stimulate saliva, which helps reduce thirst in the heat. To add to that, caffeine can also help regulate body temperature. It must be said that hot or room temperatures are more ideal to help preserve the mild flavor and smell of the black tea.

Caffeine and aromatic substances help increase blood flow to the kidneys, and dilates the kidney vessels. Therefore, kidney tubules are restrained reabsorbing water, and lactic acid, uric acid and other wastes can be excreted more quickly.

The polyphenols can also diminish inflammation. Some studies have shown that catechins in black tea can coagulate protein in pathogenic bacteria to distinguish them. In the southern areas of China, people use black tea to heal wounds and pimples. In some areas of heavy precipitation, people wash their feet with tea water to prevent beriberi.

Another magnificent function of black tea is to detoxify heavy metals. As the development of modern industry, heavy metal pollution has become a severe environmental problem. Lead poisoning can cause harm to the immune system and kill healthy cells. According to some studies, tea polyphenols can absorb heavy metal effectively. Scientists mixed together tea water with the mercury solution, and found out the mercury started to settle over time.

Black tea helps strengthens the bones, too. The polyphenols can neutralize the substances that damage bone cells. According to a study conduced by the American College of Physicians following 497 males and 540 females for a ten year period, black tea helps prevent osteoporosis–adding some lemon to the water can enhance the effect.

Over the past decade, urban citizens have seen the risk of getting angiocardiopathy substantially increase. Black tea can improve blood circulation and decrease blood pressure. Studies have shown that drinking four cups of tea everyday for six months can help lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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