Health Benefits of Green Tea

Many people are awakening to the fact that the green tea has the function of detoxification, but few of us know why or how it detoxifies our bodies in addition to helping us burn fat.


Detoxification refers to the action of expelling accumulated toxic metabolites. Those metabolites are generated due to the bad eating habits or contacting chemicals from everyday interactions within our living environment. If a person has healthy eating habits, exercises regularly and has enough sleep, then the body is able to detoxify spontaneously largely due to improved blood circulation and sweat. If not, the body needs an extra boost to remove the toxicity of free radicals and slow down the aging process of the body as a result, which is where green tea makes the perfect supplement for daily diets and nutrition.

Green tea is different from black tea or puer tea because it is made of leaves without fermentation. This procedure is to keep tea polyphenols from being oxidized, and these poly-phenolic compounds are the reason why green tea can detoxify the body. Phenolic compounds are strong antioxidants, and antioxidants neutralize free radicals, the destructive compounds in the body. Free radicals can improve DNA cells, influence the process of aging, and increase the risk of encountering disease, according to many medical experts.

Catechol, the anti-oxidant in green tea, is also considered to lift the spirit and enhance fat burning. It also influences the composition of the organism in various ways. Moreover, it not only maintains a long-term weight-losing effect, but also eliminates the sense of hunger while the body is detoxifying.


Green Tea Catechins: Benefits and Scientific Discovery

According to the National Cancer Institute, catechins contained in tea leaves including green tea and puer tea have antioxidants, possess anti-aging effects and aid in weight loss. Frequent intakes of green tea will result in catechins being gastrointestinally absorbed, which helps remove signs of aging and pathological changes, inhibits lipofuscin formation (its accumulation causes aging and general functional decline), discharges endotoxins, and safeguards your body.

Other Health Benefits

Apart from that, catechins contained in tea leaves also have a bactericidal effect. They help prevent tooth decay and periodontosis, which cause terrible headaches. They also can prevent the flu, and with their antiviral effect, can cure the flu at its peak. Japanese scientists have discovered that catechins can also reduce mouth odor and maintain fresh breath, and have even found that tea can lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels, as well as lower the chance of cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis. The scientists discovered that daily 500-mg portion of catechins would be enough to lower blood pressure.

Other research done on catechins has stated catechins in tea can stop cell mutation (which is an anti-cancer effect), and thus prevent the bacterial cause of gastric carcinoma. Those who are suffering from gastric carcinoma are often recommended to intake catechins for one single month, and as a result, the number of bacteria will be reduced.

Although catechins are a natural component and has a wide positive effect on our bodies, drinking tea doesn’t work according to the principle of “the more – the better”. Catechins easily get oxidized, and will not be efficiently absorbed by the body if drank too much so sticking below 2000cc of tea consumption a day is recommended. On the other hand, because of getting easily oxidized, catechins can be absorbed more efficiently with the help of vitamin C.

How Can I Experience All These Benefits?

If not through a healthy diet and exercise, green tea and puer tea are your best bet. Loose leaf or powdered green tea are both effective methods for ingesting tea. You can grind the leaves into powder and brew them with water, and using leaves directly can have more antioxidants than using tea bags. Having at least three cups of green tea a day helps to detoxify by increasing the dosage of oxidants. Scientific research recommends five cups of green tea everyday, which will help to detoxify the body and help it lose weight.

Doctors in China consider green tea as a healthy herbal supplement. However, it might have conflicts with some medicines and therapeutic methods. If you are taking medicine regularly or receiving treatment, you should tell doctors beforehand.

If you are going to have green tea, make sure it is loose leaf or grounded, as many tea bags are filled with leftover tea leaves that failed to reach full blossoming and hence the lack of healthy effects that come with it. That doesn’t mean that all tea bags are bad, so we insist using tea recommended on this site in order to ensure the best quality.

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