How to Keep Skin Healthy and Rejuvenated in Dry Environments

Staying in a dry climate or entering a dry season such as autumn can be tough on your skin and at this time your skin should get better and more intensive care. In this article we look at Chinese concepts and tips for helping the skin remain replenished and rejuvenated during these conditions to

4 Points for Autumn Skin Care

  1. Water, water and more water. Replenish water in the body by drinking enough water around 6-8 glasses daily, but also supplement with juice, mineral water or tea. Also steam your face, which adds moisture or apply moisturizing lotion on your face in order to reduce surface moisture evaporation.
  1. Pay attention to what you eat. Drink soymilk, more fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and lean meat, and get rid of tobacco, alcohol, coffee and fried food. You can also eat sesame seeds, walnuts, honey, white fungus, pears and other anti-drying yin foods to nourish the skin.
  1. Select appropriate skin care products. Choose a mild cleanser, make-up removal solutions with no alcoholic ingredients, day and night creams that are moisturizing but not greasy, and soft facial masks with no whitening effect. Complement this with the use of facial oil emollients that contain rosin acids and vitamin A, in order to promote blood circulation, which effectively improves the skin’s physiological environment and reduces wrinkles.
  1. Differentiate between day and night skin care. For daytime care, persist in cleansing your face twice a day, allowing the skin to be clean and moist. Use a facial cream with sun protection when you go out. For night care, first use warm water to wash the face and thoroughly cleanse your facial skin, then use non-alcoholic facial essence to further cleanse and hydrate, before wiping the face with a strongly penetrating night cream, appropriately warming up the skin to let nutrition penetrate deep.

Fall Skin Care Methods

During this season, what kind of skin care routine should people of different skin types follow for their skin to beautifully get through the fall and winter?

Dry Skin: If you always feel like your skin feels similar to tiny clothes that are stretched too tightly, then your skin is dry in nature. When entering into the fall, dry skin enters it most sensitive days. Compared with other skin, dry skin care needs extra attention. Excessive use of soap and lotions will dry the skin more. The heat of the sun, and the influence of air-conditioning also have a great effect on the skin. Therefore, it is imperative to put in place anti-drying measures.

Cracking and Peeling skin: This means the air humidity is low, most likely causing the skin to appear dry and taut, and the surface skin cracked, peeling or itchy. Skin elasticity decreases and the skin becomes dull.

Emergency moisturizing solution: First use a strongly hydrating mask or or a mixture of honey and almond oil along with an amount of facial powder, then apply a strong moisturizing lotion. This will help the dry skin quickly replenish moisture.

Sensitive Skin: When the weather suddenly changes, such as when you encounter extremely hot or cold temperatures, or when you experience large temperature differences in a short time, the skin easily becomes red or has allergic reactions. After experiencing strong wind or sun, the skin easily burns or is injured. If you eat seafood such as shrimp and crab, you may also experience skin allergies. Skin texture is thin, and even capillaries show through. After cleansing, facial skin often feels dry taut.

Additionally, when there is a switch to a different brand of skin care and cosmetic products, the skin may have an itching or burning feeling. When winter weather becomes extremely dry, skin often itches and even peels easily. After selecting some scented skin care products or cosmetics, the skin is prone to discomfort, such as redness and so on.

If you have encountered four or more of the situations described above, it means that your skin is included in the risky group of sensitive skin types. In this case, use water to clean the sensitive parts (eg. if you got a reaction from using unsuitable skincare or cosmetic products, wash thoroughly with plenty of water). Press dry excess water with a soft towel, and while taking advantage of the fact that the skin is not thoroughly dry you can apply a thin layer of Vaseline or cream containing fresh aloe ingredients. Finally, let yourself be in a cool, airy place, and drink plenty of water so that the skin can quickly calm down. Of course, if the sensitive reaction is serious, you should immediately seek a professional dermatologist for treatment

Oily Skin: Even in dry and cold winter, oily skin will still shine. Here are some Chinese tips to deal with this:

Prepare: moisturizing lotion, 2-3 makeup sponges

Suggested use: before use of make-up

Function: to prevent dry skin, remove make-up and abnormal oil

STEP 1. Wash the face: Carefully clean the face of dirt, including its smaller parts.

STEP 2. Prepare the makeup sponge: Stack a few makeup sponges together, and thoroughly soak them in toner.

STEP 3. Pat evenly: On the forehead, cheeks, neck and other dry parts of the skin, pat lightly for about 2-3 minutes.

STEP 4. Apply moisturizing cream: apply moisturizing cream then makeup, which reduces the drying effect of makeup.

Special care points:

  1. Like with dry skin, use oily eye makeup remover, and then wash with cold water.
  1. When using soapy cleansing products in the morning, focus on gently massaging the oily parts and rinse after.
  1. In the evening use a cleanser to clean the skin. Gently massage, focusing on dry areas, then wipe with a cotton pad.
  1. For different parts, use two different toners. Toners with cooling effects should be pat on near the T-zone, but use moisturizing lotion to wipe relatively dry cheeks.
  1. In dry seasons, the whole face needs moisturizing, and especially focus on application on the cheeks. Then use a paper towel to wipe the excess lotion from oil parts.