Five Tips of Drinking Tea in the Hot Summer

“Having air-condition, Wifi, and cold watermelon are the complete summer”, “My life is saved by air-condition”… This popular internet slogans are not only temporary but also harmful for the body. In the hot summer day, we should drink more tea and utilize healthier way to get over with the hot summer in a relaxed way.

Now, we have recommended five tea for the summer. With detailed explanation, hope it can lend you a hand in the fight with the heat.

[Mint leave + green tea/white tea]

In the hot summer, even the sunset, you can still feel the heat. The night is hard to fall asleep.

The mint leave have many medical usage: clearing the breath, and releasing the stomach pain, gallbladder issue (such as spasm). Also, it can kill the bacteria, diuretic, phlegm, strengthen the stomach, and digestion. If you brew with green tea and white tea, it will be more refreshing and cure the thirsty.

The recipe is very simple, take a fresh mint leaf and 3 grams of white tea, and brew with boiled water.

Note: taking a large number of mint can cause insomnia, but small amount will help sleep. Pregnant women should not take mint.

[Monk fruit + green tea]

A few steps outside in the summer, you might already sweating a lot. The people that works outside a lot are easy to get heat stroke.

Monk fruit can clear the lungs and stop the cough, cure the thirsty. It is suitable for heat in the lung, coughing, heat stroke, and thirsty. Besides, it can also have laxative effect. The sweet tasted monk fruit with refresh green tea, which is sweet and delicious, clear the heat and cure the thirsty.

Take one monk fruit and boil it, then take 3 grams of green tea and brew with the boiled monk fruit water.

Notes: sensitive and cold body should not eat monk fruit. The monk fruit is too sweet, which can hurt the spleen and stomach. Also, you should not drink this for long time.

[Red dates + aged white tee]

Summer is hot, easy to sweat. The red dates are mild, beneficial to the spleen, nourishing the blood, and ease the effect of the medicine.

Red dates can be consumed directly as snacks. But in the summer, eating too much can cause fever blister. You can drink it with aged white tea, which is beneficial for nourishing blood.

Take 7 grams of aged white tea and one red dates, brew it with boiled water. Note here that you should cut the red date, which is easier to brew.

Notes: red dates contain high level of blood sugar, diabetes patients should not consume too much.

[Tangerine peel + Tieguanyin/ripped Pu-erh]

The temperature in summer is relatively high. The digestive enzymes reduced, causing for decreased appetite. When people sweat a lot, they tend to drink a lot of cold beverage, which increase the satiety and harder to feel hungry.

Tangerine peel can improve appetite and phlegm. Besides worked as medicine, it can be used as tea to brew with Tieguanyin or ripped Pu-erh tea.

Sliced the tangerine peel to make the flavor spread faster. Then take the 7 grams of ripped Pu-erh, then brew in the boiled water together.

Notes: the tangerine peel is relatively dry. The people with the symptoms of coughing without sputum, dry mouth and tongue, should not drink too much.

[Lemon +black tea]

Summer has more rain. The air is humid and hot after the train. If you don’t pay attention to the food, then the humidity inside the body and the outside will cause sputum over time.

Lemon can cure the thirsty, and phlegm. The phlegm effect of lemon peel is stronger than the tangerine peel. When your throat doesn’t feel well in the summer, you can use lemon juice with warm water and a little bit of salt, it can successfully get rid of the sputum. The fresh lemon with black tea can help reduce the heat in the summer.

You only need to slice the lemon, take one slice of lemon and 3 grams of black tea, and then brew it with hot water.

Note: lemon is sensitive plant, you should not be exposed under the sun after taking the lemon. Otherwise, it will get your skin tanned. It might also cause skin diseases.