How Qigong Works

Qigong Master Chunyi Lin Bio – Founder of Spring Forest Qigong
Qigong Master Chunyi Lin

The following is a complete transcription of a brief video featuring Master Chunyi Lin, the founder of Spring Forest QiGong, as he offers a detailed explanation of how QiGong works to balance and heal the body. Please note there are a few alterations to the text for fluency purposes. You can see the complete video, What is Qigong? Chunyi Lin Discusses Qigong Theory, here.


QiGong is a Chinese word. “Qi” means “energy”. “Gong” means “work”. Working with the body’s energy – that’s what QiGong is all about.

As we know, everything in the universe is energy. Anything you see or don’t see is just energy in different forms. Einstein said energy cannot be created. It has always been. Energy cannot be destroyed. It will always be. But energy can be transformed.

Literally, our body’s energy is under transformation every day. The question is does it transform for better, or for worse?

So through QiGong practice, you can help yourself to transform the energy you don’t need in your body, like the illnesses and energy blockages, into something beautiful and healing. And if something is already good, you can help it transform into something even better.

That is what QiGong is all about.

In QiGong, generally speaking, we have four elements. The first one is the breathing, and the second one is the mind, or Chinese call it the heart. Then we have the movement; the movement we do with the hands and the legs and the body. And then the sound; the vibration, the frequency, like a chanting.

So there are four parts in QiGong practice. By using these four parts together, you can help yourself to bring your mind, your heart, your physical body and your spirit together. When you have all of these components of your body joined together to make the energy flow in one direction, that’s the moment you feel so powerful you can help yourself to unblock any energy blockages in the body to get the body healed.

So that is basically what QiGong is about.