Can Tea Clean the Intestines and Work as Detoxification?

Eating fish and meat every day, you might feel the uncomfortableness of the stomach and intestine sometime. And you are gaining weight, what should you do? Many people would recommend drinking tea, saying that the tea can clean the intestine and detoxicate, get rid of the greasy, losing weight… Can drink tea really help with the intestine and detoxification.

Question: what is in tea?

Tea contains rich flavonoids antioxidants, such as tea polyphenols, catechins, and others. It also contains a high level of caffeine. At the same time, tea contains a variety of alkaloids. Caffeine is among one of these. Besides, there are theobromine and alkalization, among which the caffeine has the highest amount about 2% to 5%. It has effect of exciting the brain cell and promote the role of hyperthyroidism. Other substances are very small. Therefore, the amount of alkaloid is usually represented by the amount of the caffeine.

Question: can caffeine help losing weight?

Caffeine can make people excited, which increase of the energy consumption of the basic metabolic of human body. The energy consumption is a little bit more, but, it has little effect to the basic metabolic of human body. Therefore, the caffeine in the tea cannot help with weight losing.

Question: can antioxidants help losing weight?

Yes, some scientists find that the antioxidants can help reduce the weight of the fat in the stomach of mice. There is research find that the antioxidants can in fact prevent weight gain through affecting the adipocyte and preadipocytes. But, the tea polyphenols extracted in the tea that are used in the mice experiment are large, which is hard to consume by normal people. What about human experience? In 2002, an initial research conducted in French about the obese individuals, subjects received green tea extracts (AR25) for 12 weeks. The average weight loss is 4.6%, the waistline is reduced by 4.5%. The green tea extracts consumed by human body are about 270 mg EGCG and 150 mg caffeine, which is equal to 6 to 7 cups of green tea a day. But later, the research find that even if 10 cups of green tea are consumed, the subjects’ weights have no change. And the reality is normal people will not drink that many green teas. Because of this, an experiment in 2009 has further analysis the previous experiments. The result shows that the antioxidants – catechins, EGCG and caffeine mixture cannot help with weight losing.

Question: can drink tea dissolve the fat?

Actually, the fat in the human body cannot be reduced by tea drinking. The accelerated dissolve of the fat caused by tea drinking has no clinical evidence. No food can burn fat for you.

In 2013, the British researchers have conducted research on 31 male adults. The researchers have divided these people into three groups. The first group takes the green tea extracts (the amount of green tea extracts is equal to the 8 cups of green tea daily). The second group takes the placebo. The third place takes placebo in the first 6 days, then take the green tea extract in the last day. Then ask them to exercise and measure the lipid oxidation data. The result show that the lipid oxidation has no change. The analysis in 2012 find that tea drinking has no obvious effect on the weight of adults, which has no weight losing effect. In fact, there is only one effective way to dissolve fat – sport. If you really want to get rid of the fat, you should adjust the diet, and work on exercise.

Question: can tea drinking help with detoxification?

“Detoxification” is in fact a marketing stunt. In fact, the skin, respiratory system, digestive system has built the defense of the human body, which have blocked many harmful substances and eliminate them. The liver and kidneys are the filtration systems, getting rid of the waste in the blood and from the human metabolism.

Thus, the diet targeting detoxification is unnecessary and useless, which can even be harmful. We have heard recently that a lot of diet for detoxification has no health effect, which is just a publicity stunt. For certain disease group, detoxification is not only not beneficial, but also harmful.

In sum, experts remind that if you want to adjust the physical condition, you should balance the diet and have regular schedule with appropriate exercise. Don’t put your hope in the cup of the detoxification tea.