Three Must-Have Teas to Protect Your Kidney and Liver

Nowadays, smoke, alcohol and computer are all threatening the health of man, which gradually reduced the body function. Especially for smokers, alcohol consumer and game fans, they should pay more attention to protect liver. The teas listed below are recommended to protect kidney and liver, cure the thirsty and protect your health.

Alcohol consumer – Gehua Tea

A little bit alcohol consumption every day is good for health. If over drink too much each time, it will pose great danger to human body, especially for gastrointestinal tract, and liver. After a long period of time, the chance of getting liver cirrhosis and fatty liver disease will increase largely.

Expert recommendation: the best way to protect liver is quit drinking. If you get drunk, it is recommended to drink Gehua Tea. Gehua is the flower of pueraria lobate. It can cure the hangover, works better to brew them as tea.

Health tip: if you drink alcohol, you can eat some fruit. In this way, the damage caused by alcohol can be reduced.

In additional, if you want to protect your liver, you can try white chrysanthemum tea and wolfberry tea. Bergamot flower and roses can be beneficial to liver, which can be used to brew teas too.

Besides, alcohol lovers must eat more fruits that contains high level of vitamin C, such as orange and tangerine. Vitamin B can protect the digesting system, which consume an appropriate amount. Diet should avoid eating too much fish and meat, which are too greasy and easy to cause damage to liver.

Smoker – brew monk fruit

Smoking will cause damage lung, which is a well-known fact. But most people may not know, that the harmful substance in the cigarettes that absorbed by blood will also cause cardiovascular disease, such as coronary heart disease and high blood pressure. Of course, smokers will often cough a lot. This is because the harmful substances in the cigarettes contaminate the mouth and throat. Therefore, smokers, hurry up and quit smoking.

Expert recommendation: protection your throat, most people will think about malva nut tree. However, malva nut tree only works for the throat, the most recommended to use monk fruit.

How: smash the table tennis ball sized monk fruit with small hammer, dividing it into 8 parts, each part will be the amount for the daily consumption. Brewing it with water, until it loses the flavor. The monk fruit is bittersweet. It doesn’t taste very good, but is very good with clear throat.

Additionally, lily, radish soup, chuanbei sugar steamed pear and ginkgo can stop cough, which are also good food for lung. You can have a try.

Game fans – wolfberry tea

The gamer who spend a lot of time in front of computer try to crack the game and also the driver who spend a lot of time drinking both have the issue of overuse eye and sitting still for too long. Don’t think that the damage caused by the computer is only eye. Chinese medicine says, “long time staring hurts liver” and “long time sitting hurts bone”. For these types of men, experts recommend them to exercise more.

Experts suggest: for liver protection, they should eat more red dates and wolfberry. Also, fried leek with walnuts can benefit kidney.

Experts recommendation: no matter playing computer or car driving uses a lot of eye. Therefore, it suggests that they should drink chrysanthemum tea, wolfberry tea to protect their eye. Also, they can eat more radish and vitamin A to protect the eyesight and prevent eye diseases.

Because “long time sitting hurts bone”, gamers and drivers can follow the health recipes for alcohol consumers, eating more fruits that contains high level of vitamin C.

Besides, people who sits a lot can get fat easily, and thus get hyperlipidemia. They need to drink teas that can help reduce hypertensive lipid, and help with weight loss. You can try leef of Chinese holly tea, cassia tea.

Tea drinking is not just the culture that have been popular for thousand years, but also the natural beverage that good for your health. Drinking tea frequently can be very helpful to the organs.