Alternative Liver Treatment and Recovery – Going Holistic

The role of your liver is to cleanse your body, making it one of the most essential organs. However, we also put it through a lot of stress and everything from alcohol, drugs, fatty foods and even excess sugar can cause problems in this area. Modern medicine doesn’t have many answers for these problems, but Qigong does, and in this article we’ll take a look at some of those.


We’ll focus on the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, which is owned by Master Lin and staffed by some of the most experienced Qigong experts in the world.


The Head to Toe Bodys Repair Manual


The Head to Toe Body’s Repair Manual is one of the most comprehensive courses offered by the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, and one that can help with all forms of healing. There are 76 techniques in this manual in total, and all of them focus on energy points. It is through these that your yin and yang flows, and if they become blocked, then you can suffer from a number of symptoms. The types of symptom will depend on the location of the blockage, which means that if you have a specific ailment, then you can massage a related energy point (following the instructions in the Head to Toe Body’s Repair Manual) to relieve it.


Where your liver is concerned, there are many connected energy points, and all of the following techniques, found in the Head to Toe Body’s Repair Manual, can help with liver problems.


  • Eyebrow Massages: The main techniques in this area are concerned with your head and brain, but there are also many that are connected to vital organs. These massages can help with headaches, migraines, sinus problems and more, and they can also cleanse organs and may help to improve your live.
  • Finger Massages: These are literally finger massages, and ones that can help with your liver, because, as the manual itself says, “The heart channels are located in these two fingers, and blood pressure has a lot to do with your heart and your liver.”
  • Foot Massages: The main channel connected to your liver is, unsurprisingly, your “liver channel” and you can unblock this with some simple massages, as outlined in techniques 59, 60 and 61 of the Head to Toe Body’s Repair Manual.


Some of the other techniques included in this manual are:


  • Technique 32: This is one of the most important techniques in the Head to Toe Body’s Repair Manual, because if it is done properly, it can help to alleviate pain anywhere in your body. It is an elbow massage technique, and one that only requires a few minutes of your time, split between your left elbow and your right.
  • Technique 43: By following a simple pinching technique as outlined in the Head to Toe Body’s Repair Manual, you can improve the circulation in your body. It’s not always easy to know if you suffer from circulation problems or not, but if you have issues with unusually cold extremities, then there is a good chance that you do.
  • Technique 61: By massaging the bottom of your feet, as described in this manual, you are unblocking a vital energy point known as your “longevity point”. This can help with constipation, incontinence and fatigue, among other things.


Heal with Master Lin


Even if you can’t make it to the Spring Forest Qigong Centre in person, there are still ways that you can experience Master Lin’s healing hands. These include something known as Meditation Healing. In this practice, you relay your problems to Master Lin, and using meditation and remote healing, he and some of the other SFQ masters will devote time to heal you. You don’t need to be there and you don’t even need to be on the phone.


However, if you can make it onto the phone, then you can also take part in their Group Healing sessions. To do this, you just need to phone the Spring Forest Qigong Centre and arrange to take part in one of these appointments. If you tell them about your problems, including any liver problems you may have, then they can ask that the healer focuses on these during your session. All of these Group Session calls last for just ten minutes and they are attended by a number of students, not just you. All of those students should have a drink of still — or Yin and Yang — water on standby, as this is an essential part of the experience, for reasons that will become clear during your session.