Lunch Choices For Slimming Down

Are you finding it difficult to find healthy lunch choices for slimming down? Whether you are on-the-go at work, or have a busy study schedule you can still eat healthy with the suggestions in this article.


By keeping to healthy options at lunch you will be able to boost your metabolism, keep yourself feeling full for most of the day and help you achieve your goal of slimming down.

If you don’t find healthy options for lunch it will slow down your progress of slimming down and potentially make you gain weight instead!


When it comes to finding healthy lunch choices for slimming down here are the things you will need to know. They are eating lean protein, green leafy vegetables, healthy carbs, drinking water and avoiding highly processed carbs and sugar.


Eating Lean Protein

Lean Protein keeps you satisfied and full for longer periods. It also takes a longer time to digest and in the process burns more calories doing so. Protein will also help maintain lean muscle mass in your body which is important for keeping a high resting metabolism. This will lift your metabolism over time which is great news for people trying to slim down! Some examples of lean proteins you can eat at lunch are: Chicken breast and tenders, lean pork chops, turkey breast, tuna and salmon.



Salads containing green leafy vegetables are a great choice for slimming down because they are rich in nutrients but low in calories. By not having any excess calories your body will turn to burning fat for energy helping you achieve your goal of slimming down. Combine your salads with a lean protein or nuts to make your meal more substantial to keep you full throughout the day. Examples of vegetables to include at lunch are kale, spinach, lettuce, cabbage and broccoli.


Healthy Carbs

Complex carbs are what we consider “healthy carbs” as they take a longer time to digest (burning calories in the process) and also don’t increase your blood sugar dramatically. Keeping your blood sugar stable helps avoid increasing your insulin which is a hormone that tells your body to store energy as fat. Some examples of healthy carbs are sweet potato, fruit, legumes and whole-grains.


Drink Water

Drinking water instead of sugary soft drinks or high calorie alcohol is a great choice for lunch. This is because water is a appetite suppressant helping you feel full. Also water doesn’t contain any empty calories which will turn into fat if not burned off.


Avoid Highly Processed Carbs and Sugar

Highly processed carbs and sugar are detrimental to people who are trying to slim down. This is because they contain a high amount of calories but no nutritional content such as minerals and vitamins. Also any excess calories that aren’t burned throughout the day will be stored as fat. For someone trying to slim down they must avoid these foods at lunch.


By following these healthy lunch choices you will be able to slim down and achieve your weight loss goals sooner.