Lunula Reveals Your Health Condition

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) thinks healthy people must have a lunula on the nail of the thumb, should have lunulae on the nails of the index finger and middle finger, and it is fine not to have a lunula on the nail of the ring finger. The best amounts of lunulae you have on nails are eight to ten. Fewer lunulae on the nails result in less energy, poorer health condition, a weaker immunity system and tiredness.

Why do some people have lunulae, while others do not? What does this do with the health condition? Look at your nails and count how many you have. It will tell you if anything happens to your body. Traditional Chinese experts say evaluating the health condition based on the lunulae on the nails has long history and it makes sense.

Lunulae are the “barometer” of your health condition

TCM thinks “nail” is the extension of the tendon, and the exterior sign of the liver and gallbladder. Generally speaking, nails reflect the change of mechanisms and pathophysiology in the blood and viscera, and it will tell you are healthy or not. So lunulae are the “barometer” of your health condition.

Chinese medical specialists say it is scientific to diagnose whether you are in good condition or not based on lunulae on the nails. A healthy man will have seven or eight lunulae. It indicates the deficiency of kidney if you only have lunulae on the nails of the thumbs.

Get the lost lunulae back

Based on the principle of hand diagnosis in TCM, a normal nail should be rosy, firm and arc-shaped, smooth and glossy, and the lunula is clear on the nail. Lunulae are the “barometer” telling you whether you are energetic, and healthy. The more energy you have, the whiter the lunulae are. Otherwise, the lunulae will be dimmer. In general, the area of a lunula is 1/5 of a nail, and it has sharp clean edge. If you have diseases, the lunulae will tell you through the changes of colors or the decrease in amount. When the body is recovered through conditioning, the lunulae will grow up again.

Staying Healthy

Health conditions and improved lunula can be achived through increase in exercise, proper diet such as ample fruits and vegetables coupled with healthy drinks such as tea and soup.