The Magical Effect of a Cup of Tea Everyday

The following seven healthy teas are recommended for office workers in order to keep the body’s energy balanced and refreshed, according to a new Chinese medical report.

1. Jiang Su Tea


This tea has the function of expelling cold, regulating breath and stomach. It is applicable for a cold, headache, fever, nausea or vomiting, stomachache, bloating and other gastrointestinal discomfort type of influenza. This tea serves as a replacement of medicine, it is very practical and simple, and its taste is concise.


3 grams of ginger and sage respectively. Grate ginger and wash sage, put the two ingredients into boiled water for 10 minutes. Take it two times a day, in the morning and afternoon.


  1. Ju Hong Tea


This tea is beneficial for lung health and helps preventing phlegm. It has the function of regulating breath and avoiding cough. It is suitable for cough and sputum sickness during autumn. The “Ju Hong” in the tea is good for relaxing and adjusting “qi” (the air) within one’s interior, and preventing the formation of  phlegm and cough. The tea has both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. By combining the two flavors, it is best for patient that is suffering from coughing and phlegm.


3-6 grams of Ju Hong, 5 grams of green tea. Fill with boiled water and put the cup inside a pot to steam for 20 minutes. Once a day.


  1. Tie Guanyin Tea


The tea is best for enhancing eyesight, it also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. It is perfect for diet, beauty, anti-aging and anti-cancer. It helps eliminating lipids, lowering cholesterol, reducing cardiovascular disease and diabetes.


  1. Radish Tea


The tea is good for cleaning the heat and phlegm in one’s body. Adding a little salt, not only it can be more tasty, but it also helps clearing the lungs and inflammation.


100 grams of white radish, 5 grams of tea leaves. Wash the radish, cut into slices, and boil them until they become mushy, add a little salt for taste. Fill the tea leaves with boiled water for 5 minutes and then pour it into the radish juice. Take it twice a day.
Chinese folk saying “Eating radish and drinking tea, angry doctors climb all over the floor!”


  1. Yin Er (White fungus) Tea


This tea has the function of nourishing “yin” (feminine, coldness) and reducing heat. It supplements the health of lungs and prevents coughing. It is especially suitable for “yin” type of cough.


20 grams of Yin Er, 5 grams of tea leaves, 20 grams of crystal sugar.  First wash Yin Er, fill it with water and crystal sugar, stewed. Soak the tea leaves for 5 minutes then add it into the Yin Er soup; stir.


  1. Osmanthus Tea


This tea has the effect of warming and nourishing “yang qi” (hot, aggressive energy in one’s body). It is good for high blood pressure.


1 gram of dry osmanthus, 2 grams of tea leaves. Combining the two ingredients with boiling water for 6 minutes, and serve. Take it twice a day, morning and evening.


  1. Bitter Melon Tea


Bitter melon tea, it provides diuretic effects.


With the bitter melon, take the pulp out and store it with green tea leaves. Hang it in ventilated place for drying. When drinking, chop 10 grams of bitter melon and fill it with boiling water.


Studies have shown that office workers became the easiest population of developing cancer. Drinking tea is a healthy method of preventing cancer, let’s choose some teas that are suitable for your own body condition!