Beautiful tea mountains in China you cannot miss

As the spring approaches, the stunning tiered tea fields are entering the busiest time of the year: the tea harvesting season. The mountains, where the tea grows, look so lively. The scenery is so beautiful that makes people feel joyful. Spring is the best season for visiting tea garden. What are the worth going mountains to have a look?

Wu Yi Mountains

Listing Reasons: Wu Yi Mountains are 5A ranked national tourist attractions, among which the Nine-bend River (Jiuqu Xi) and 36 peaks (36 Feng) are the most famous ones. They naturally formed a magnificent picture of green water and mountains. You can find a wide variety of tea grown on the main mountain areas, surrounding areas and riversides, such as daffodil, cinnamon, and Iron Arhat. A large amount of tea varieties makes it hard for you to count the exact number.

Meng Ding Mountain

Listing Reason: There is an old phrase: “Water in the Yangtze River, tea on the Meng Ding Mountain”. It is indeed referring to the Meng Ding Mountains in Sichuan. Although the majority of the people have only heard Mount Emei, in fact, Meng Ding Mountain is one of the places in the world where tea originated from. And it is also the earliest artificial tea in Chinese history on the records. Sweet Dew (Mengding Ganlu tea), one sort of Green tea, and Yellow Buds (Mengding Huangya), one type of the Yellow tea, are both belonging to the featured teas produced on Meng Ding Mountain.

Yellow Mountain (Mt. Huangshan)

Listing Reason: Known for its height and steep cliffs, especially the view of seas of the cloud are the most impressive. A lot of tourists are drawn here to climb the mountain. In addition to the high mountains, it also has one of the top famous tea – Huangshan Maofeng. The Huangshan Maofeng grown on Yellow Mountain belongs to the top graded green tea of excellent quality. It was used repeated as national level gifts.

Fenghuang Mountain, Chaozhou

Although not as famous as the mountains mentioned above, Fenghuang Mountain outmatches them with its long history. The finest Song Zhong tea has thousand years of history and is still growing on Fenghuang Mountain. Fenghuang Dan Cong (Single Grove) is a representative selection of the Fenghuang Mountain. The various aroma is one of the Dan Cong’s highlights. It is too many for you even to tell which type of fragrance you are smelling.