Natural Remedies for Allergies – Qigong for Relieving Allergy Symptoms

Qigong for Allergies

Allergies can be caused by a number of things and they can trigger a number of symptoms. Allergies may be the result of something you ate or something you came into contact with, and if there is no way of getting away from that trigger, as is the case with hay fever, then allergies can make your life a misery.

There is a way around this way, and Qigong can help. This ancient Chinese practice has been proven to help with a huge range of symptoms, diseases and illnesses, including the thing that causes your allergies and the symptoms that those allergies trigger.

And when it comes to Qigong, the best way to learn is with the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, which is run by one of the most respected Qigong masters in the world, Master Chunyi Lin. The Spring Forest Qigong Centre offers a huge number of courses, many of which can target your allergies, as we shall discover.

Healing Courses

One of the best ways that you can use the Spring Forest Qigong Centre to help you target your allergies, is with the Head to Toe Body’s Repair Manual. This is a single manual, as opposed to a complete course, but it is still very comprehensive and covers a huge range of techniques, fixing more or less every conceivable problem. In fact, there are several techniques that target allergies, as well as the issues they cause. These are:

  • Technique 6: There is a vital energy point connected to your eyebrows, and one that can help with a range of eye problems and head problems, including glaucoma and migraine headaches, and allergies. This technique requires you to massage the sides of your eyebrows just twice a day, both in the morning and in the evening.
  • Technique 8: This technique requires a few simple eye movements, and you just need to roll your eyes in specific movements for this to work. Once you do this for the required time, then you can combat your allergies and associated symptoms and you can also cure everything from glaucoma to crossed-eyes and lazy eyes.
  • Technique 11: This describes a simple massage technique, applied to the sides of your nose, curing allergy symptoms such as a runny nose, a stuffed nose and other sinus problems.

If your allergies cause issues that have nothing to do with your face or head, such as rashes, then there are other techniques in the Head to Toe Body’s Repair Manual that can help. They may also be able to get to the root of the problem to ensure that those allergies do not come back.

The Head to Toe Body’s Repair Manual is not tied to any specific level, so you’re free to take this at any time in your study. We would recommended taking it early on though, preferably before the level 1 Qi-ssage Healing course, and after the SFQ Fundamental level 1 course. Once these techniques teach you about self-healing practices, then you can move onto Qi-ssage Healing. There are also some techniques in this course that can help with your allergies, but the main goal of this course is to teach you how to become a Qigong healer and to spread your wisdom onto others.

Basic Qigong

Once you know how to heal, and once you have fixed your allergies, the symptoms and the triggers, then you can focus on a complete Qigong course, and one that can help to take your studies even further. The following courses, all available on the Spring Forest Qigong Centre website, can help with that:

  • Qigong for Health: Also known as SFQ Fundamentals, this is the ultimate basic Qigong course, and it contains everything that you need to prepare yourself for your studies with the Spring Forest Qigong Centre. You will learn how to perform a meditation known as Small Universe, one that focuses on complete healing. This means that if your allergies have not cleared up after the techniques and courses mentioned above, then they will clear up by the time you finish this course.
  • Qigong for Healing: As with the Qi-ssage Healing course mentioned above, the purpose of this level 2 course if to help you learn techniques that you can use on others. This course includes meditations such as the Energy Breathing Meditation and it basically teaches you how to use all of the techniques you learned in the previous course on others. It also teaches you a number of other techniques that you can use on yourself.