Natural Cures and Remedy for Quitting Smoking – Why Qigong Works

Qigong for Smoking

Smoking has been a huge problem in society for a few hundred years, but while it seemed that everyone had this habit just a few decades ago, these days smokers are rare, and they are becoming rarer. That’s because we’re learning more and more about how damaging cigarettes can be, as they can lead to an assortment of cancers and other diseases.

So, if you do smoke, then giving up could be the best decision you ever made for your health. And the best thing about giving up is that the withdrawals are fairly short-lived and easy to control, and providing that you can keep a clear mind and a strong body, then you should not have an issue.

In this article, we’ll look at alternative ways that you can give up smoking and become a healthier person.


If you want to centre your mind, to get rid of those unwanted thoughts and those endless cravings, then meditation can help. This works with all addictions and it can work with all stages of addiction. Not only can it help to keep the cravings at bay during the early stages, but it will also help to clear your mind further down the line. Because even when the cravings have gone, many addicts still relapse, and it’s often a result of boredom getting the better of them.

So, as soon as you decide to stop smoking, then meditate on it. This will strengthen your resolve and it will ensure that you really are ready and willing to quit. When the withdrawals hit, then increase your meditation in order to keep them at bay, before doing the same when those withdrawals are over and boredom keeps dragging you back towards your addiction.

What’s more, if the meditation is Qigong meditation, then you can focus on specific things. You can focus on meditations that help to keep your energy levels flowing freely, and meditations that can target specific withdrawal symptoms. It may also help that these meditations are guided, which means that someone is there to talk you through and to make sure that you perform it correctly and get the most out of it.

All of the following meditations can help with withdrawal symptoms and overall health and wellbeing. They are all available as online guides at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre and they are all guided by Master Chunyi Lin, who founded the centre.

  • Sun Meditation: Embrace a new day with the Sun Meditation. Smokers say that the first cigarette of the day is the one they enjoy the most, and when they stop smoking, this is the cigarette that they crave the most. But this meditation was designed to unlock your energy and to give you a mental and physical boost while the sun is shining. So, forget about your first cigarette of the day and focus instead on doing this meditation as soon as you wake up. There is also something known as the Moon Meditation, which was designed to complement this meditation and can be performed during the evening or night.
  • Small Universe: Optimal health is essential at this stage. You need to be at your best and you need to be fit and healthy from head to toe. Any weakened resolve will make it difficult to kick the habit, which is where the Small Universe meditation comes in. With this meditation you can open your two main channels and you can keep these open, staying strong and healthy at a time when you need it the most. The Small Universe meditation can be downloaded as a short guide or a long guide, and it is also included as part of the SFQ Fundamentals course.
  • Energy Breathing Meditation: If you progress through the main levels at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, then after completing the SFQ Fundamentals course — which includes the Small Universe meditation — you will move onto the Qigong for Healing course, which includes the Energy Breathing Meditation. This shows you how you can use your breath to empower your body, and at a time when your lungs are getting back to normality, this is essential. This meditation can help to clear those tar-filled lungs and to restore some energy into your mind and body.


Qigong exercises can also help, and these should be performed alongside meditations. These can help to balance you energy, but they can also help you to get moving again. Some basic meditations include the Breathing of the Universe, which can help in a similar way to the Energy Breathing Meditation mentioned above. This exercise can be found on the SFQ Fundamentals course, but there are also exercises discussed on all of the following courses:

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