Quick Tea Tips and Tea Knowledge for Novices

Many people like to drink tea, but do you know how many teas are there? How can you brew a good tea? Let’s discuss this now.

  1. Types of tea

There are thousand types of tea, but if you want to categorize the tea, you can divide them by its origin, processing, and fermentation.

  1. Green tea: mostly produced in Japan. The tea shows in green with strong aroma. Such as Longjin tea, Tongting Biluochun, they are both green teas.
  2. Yellow tea: slightly fermented tea, after brewing in hot water, the tea shows in yellow, such as Yellow bud tea.
  3. White tea: no fry or rolling during the production. They are either dried under the sunlight or slow fire. Since they are white tea, their colors are all white. Such as white peony.
  4. Black tea: the tea is fermented completely; the color is dry. After brewing with hot water, the tea shows in red.
  5. Dark tea: the tea leaves is in brown, after fermentation, the color of the tea shows in darker brown or almost black. Such as Earl Grey, Indian Deejarling.
  6. Flower fruit tea: made from a verity of flowers, many types, such as rose tea, chamomile tea, and geranium tea.
  7. 3 tips for brewing a good cup of tea

What should you pay attention to, if you want to brew a good cup of tea?

  1. Temperature

The temperature used to brew tea should not be too high. The optimistic temperature is about 95 degrees. Tea leaves should be kept in cotton tea bags, and do not keep them in the tea pot. Doing this is to avoid the alkali from leaking, which will destroy the taste.

  1. Time

The brewing time should not be too long, especially the instant tea bags. It only need to stay in the hot water about 3 to 7 minutes. Even if you are using tea leaves, you only need approximately 5 minutes.

Below is the brewing time for different types of tea:

Green tea: less than 2 minutes

Dark tea and black tea: 3 minutes

White tea: 7 minutes

Flower fruit tea: less than 5 minutes

Additionally, the brewed tea should be drink in 2 or 3 hours. Otherwise, the cold tea will produce acid, drinking them will affect the health.

  1. Amount

Normally, a spoon of tea leaves or a small bag of tea will brew at least 2 to 4 cups of tea.