The Best Tea for Office Workers Looking to Wake Up

Office workers face computer all the time, the skin suffers the most from the radiation. So, what tea should the office workers drink, and how to drink tea will help the most with health? Here, it summarizes the correct time and way to drink tea. Let’s have a look

When should office workers drink tea for the best result?
1. Drinking black tea in the morning

After sleeping for a night, the body is normally in a stable condition. Drinking black tea can accelerate the blood circulation, and reduce the coldness inside the body, giving brain enough blood. The black tea is mild, so you can brew a cup of black tea when you get up. Drinking the black tea after breakfast, or you can drink the tea with appropriate amount of milk.

  1. Drinking Oolong tea and green tea in the noon

Oolong tea (such as Tieguanyin) is cold, which can clear the heat in the liver and gut and resolve the toxins in the liver. It contains rich vitamin E, which has anti-aging effect. The green tea goes into Kidney, which makes urination smoothly. Additionally, the green tea contains high level of polyphenols, which have good anti-oxidation, and anti-inflammatory effects.

  1. Drinking dark tea in the evening

After eating three main meals, the fatty things will be accumulated in the digestive system of body, if you can drink a cup of black tea after dinner, it will be helpful to the dissolving of fat. It can both warm the stomach and help digestion. The dark tea is mild and pure, which won’t affect sleeping. Yunnan’s Puer tea should be the first choice in dark tea. However, if you don’t like the taste of Pu-er tea, you can drink the white tea instead, such as the Fujian Shoumei. It will not affect your sleep, neither.

What kind of cup is not suitable for drinking tea?

Definitely not disposable cup or plastic cup

Because the convenience and hygiene, many people like to use disposable cup to drink water and tea. But the cleanness of the disposable cup cannot be told with our eyes. The surface of the cup might look white, but only because it has added fluorescent whitening powder. This substance can cause the change of the cell, turning into the factors that may lead to cancer.

Plastic cups containing a plasticizer, of which the toxic substance can dissolve into the water. Simultaneously, the internal micro structure of the plastic cups has many holes, dirt, and bacteria, which are hard to detect with eyes.

Stainless steel tea cup will release heavy metal

Some people like to drink tea with stainless steel cup to drink tea. Not only because it looks clean, easy to handle, but also because it won’t break if it falls on the floor. But many people don’t know that when you sit the tea in the stainless steel cup for a while, the inner wall of the cup will show signs of corrosion. This is because the chemical substance in the tea has chemical reaction with the stainless steel. Stainless steel contains a heavy metal called “chromium”. Once the surface of the stainless steel has been destroyed, the chromium will release, having harmful effect on human body. After a while, it will affect the anti-oxidation system of the body.

Recommended to use glass cup to drink tea

With the glass cup, it is health and safe. The making process of glass cup do not have any organic chemicals. You can use the cup without worry. The smooth surface of the glass is easy to clean, won’t leaving dirt and bacteria.