Besides drinking, there are so many other uses of tea

Small ingredient, big knowledge

According to the “Tea glorification”: people says flowers are nice, I say the tea is the king. This mysterious oriental tree is called health beverage because it contains rich nutritious and medicine substance. For many people, the tea biggest usage of tea is boiling eggs other than brewing.

How to use the tea bag?

The price of the tea bag is relatively cheap and easy to carry, which can be seen everywhere. No matter is the used or unused tea bag, there are some practical tricks.

Brighten your eyes: dip your fingers in the tea and wet your eyes, which is the familiar way of brighten the eyes. If you want to improve the dark circle and eye bags, you can also use tea. Before you go to bed, you can use used green tea bags, while it is still warm. Put the tea bags under your eye, it can increase the circulation of the blood in the eyes, releasing the fatigue in the eye. If you didn’t still well the night before, you can use the cold tea bag in the morning. You also put it on your eye, which can help ease the puffy eyes.

Get rid of bruises: if you occasionally have bruises from impact. You can put the cold and wet tea bag on the area of bruises immediately. It can calm the skin of the impact, enabling the vasoconstriction. It will then reduce the degree of swelling and pain. After a couple of day, you can put the tea bags in the affected are, helping the dilation of blood vessels, clear the congestion.

Stain removal: there are some dirt left in the pots that are different to wash off. You can try to put the tea bags in the pots, soaking in the hot water for a while. The tannins in the tea can help dissolve and soften the dirt and help clean them.

What to do with the tea residue?

Used as fertilizers: the residue left from the brewed tea still contains inorganic nutrients, carbohydrates and other nutritious substance. Therefore, if you like planting, you can not only use the tea for irrigation, but also use the left tea residues for spreading on in the pots and soil, which is very helpful to the plants.

Making pillow: this season, you can put the leftover tea leaves dry in the balcony, and fill them inside the pillow. This is a simple home-made tea pillow. The cold property of tea can soothe the nerves. If you use it in summer, it can help reduce the heat.

Insect repellent: you can find a small incense burner, put the dried tea leaves inside and light them up. The smoke of tea can help repel mosquitoes. For family with babies, this repellent method is greener and safer.

What to do with the leftover tea?

After several round of brewing, the taste of tea will become lighter. If the tea doesn’t smell good anymore, you can use it for other uses.

Clean hair: the tea has naturally alkalescency, it is suitable to clean the oil in the scalp. Tea also contains tea saponin, which is the natural surfactant. After washing your hair, you can soak your hair in the tea for a couple more minutes. For people have itching problem in the hair, tea can ease the issue.

Improve athlete’s foot: green tea contains rich tannins, which can kill the bactericidal effect. For people have athlete’s foot problem, every day before sleep, you can wash your feet with the tea and soak them for a while. After doing this for a while, it can help improve the athlete’s foot.

Cleaning clothes: if you worry about using chemical detergent to wash silk clothes, causing discoloration and damage. You can try use tea to clean, which will help keep the color of the clothes and will not destroy the silk material of the clothes.