Chinese Palmistry – Palm Reading Techniques Using Hand Lines

Hand Lines in Chinese PalmistrayThis article takes a look at what the lines on a person’s hand represents based on Chinese palmistry concepts. Males should refer to the left hand for these concepts and women the right hand.

The Life Line

The Life Line begins between the thumb and the index finder, and travels in an arc towards the base of palm. Its length is not associated with length of life. It reflects physical health and general well being. So the Life Line should be called vitality line.

A long, deep and ruddy line represents vitality, resistance to diseases and little chance to get illness; Oppositely, a shallow and week line represents weakness. A thick Life Line means that you are a very physical person; a thin line shows that you are good at thinking. A swooping semicircular line around the base of the thumb shows great strength and enthusiasm, as well as an improved love life. If the line sticks close to the side of your palm, then this is a sign of likely exhaustion. A line begins with chains indicates various health problems in his/her childhood. A line ends with tassels shows a possibility of geriatric diseases. A donut indicates hospitalization as a result of some sort of accident and severity and the length of time are depending on the size of donut.

The Head Line

The Head Line is considered one of the most important lines in palmistry. In Chinese palmistry, the Head Line represents for oneself, and it is also known as the Wisdom Line. The line shares a same starting point with the Life Line. It begins towards the baby finger, and the best one stops between the ring finger and the baby finger. A short line indicates a lack of intelligence; a long line reveals shrewdness.

A good Head Line is deep and thin, and it means you are intelligent and are able to keep the mind focused on the thing you are working on; a line with an island indicates weak memory; a line with chains signifies that the external environment will have some impact on the educational goals you are pursuing.

If a Head Line and the Life Line start at the same point and are combined with each other, and then they split up into two individual lines, this shows the character of introversion, carefulness and thoughtfulness. If the percentages of combined parts are too high, it tells that you are always hesitant and worried too much.

You are an extrovert person if two lines separate at the beginning. But if they are separated by more than half inch, it turns into imprudence.

The Heart Line

The Heart Line is also known as the Love Line. If it starts under the pinky finger and ends up between the index and the middle finger, it reveals moderation. If the line extends further toward the index finger, it enters the “spiritual area”, which indicates more attention on Platonic love. If the line ends up under the middle finger, it shows more carnal love instead of eternal love and promises.

If the line starts to bend downwards when it reaches the middle finger, it indicates you are wayward and unscrupulous in love. If the line is long and has branch going downwards, it means you will sacrifice everything for love. A deep and thin line leads to a feeling of tenderness, while a shallow and thick line leads to an opposite feeling.  If the head of the line (from the edge of the palm) has feather-shaped creases at both sides, the person is passionate. If the feather-shaped creases only are above the line, the person is quick-witted, and flexible to changes.

If the Love Line has shapes of chains, it indicates an inclination of feeling depressed and sensitive. If there are circular creases on the Love Line below the ring finger, the person may have eyesight problems. If the circular creases appear on other parts of the love line, it indicates problems in relationship. If the line is broken, it indicates extreme hardship in relationships.

The Marriage Line

The Marriage Line is a small horizontal line on the edge of the palm between the base of the pinkie finger and the Love Line. Some people have only one, while others may have a few more. It does not matter how many lines there are, there is always one dominant line over others. Two equally dominant lines create love triangles.

If there are more than six lines, and none of them is dominant, it indicates complicated marriage statuses. If there are two equally prominent lines, the person is prone to love-triangle situations.

A long marriage line indicates picky behavior in selecting mates, demanding of his/her spouse, and pressure on marriage. If the line ends up below the ring finger and reaches the sun line, it indicates having good in-laws with wealth and fame. However, if it passes through the Sun Line, it will have negative effect.

If the line splits up in the end, it indicates devoice; if there are circular creases on the line, it indicates separation for some reasons; and if the line curves upward at the end, it indicates a lack of motivation of getting married.

The Career Line

The Career Line runs from the bottom of the palm upward, some of which will reach the base of the middle finger. It is also known as the Fate Line. Instead of one, some people will have multiple broken lines. This indicates unstable career and constant changes of work environments.

If the line ends up when it hits the Head Line, it indicates the person is able to stop working by himself/herself. If it ends as it reaches the island-shaped line, it indicates one’s career is stopped due to relationship issues.

Two Career Lines indicates a second career opportunity.

The Sun Line

The Sun Line runs vertically below the ring finger and is parallel to the Career Line. If there are two Sun Lines paired, it indicates fame and high social status. Too many lines indicate the person has too many interests and is easily get distracted. If there are island-shaped or cross creases, you are going to lose fame and wealth.

The Health Line

The Health Line is a line starting from the base of the pinkie finger towards the end of the Life Line. Actually, the line is ”unhealthy”. A broken line indicates problems with the digestion system. A chain-shaped line indicates problems with the respiratory system. If there are island-shaped creases at the beginning, it indicates problems with the head or throat, or if the creases are at the end of the line, the problems are related to the urological system.

The Creativity Line

The Creativity Line is a pair of slightly slanted lines below the base of the pinkie finger and the ring finger. It indicates creativity, and successfulness in research, writing and painting.

The Wealth Line

The Wealth Line includes all vertical and horizontal creases in the second section of the thumb. The more creases, the more wealth will be earned.