Qigong in Perth – Recommended Courses and Instruction

Perth is one of the most exciting cities in all of Australia. There is so much to see, do and explore in this Western Australian state, with so many cultures impacting on the way this city operates and the things that its people do. One of the many cultural influences to take root in recent years is the Ancient Chinese practice of Qigong, which combines a number of exercises, meditations and other traditional techniques to create an art-form that can improve your mental health and your physical health, as well as teaching you how to heal others.

One of the best ways to learn Qigong here in Perth, is at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre. This celebrated retreat is a long way from Western Australia and it’s not always practical for students to make it there. However, the Spring Forest Qigong Centre offers a wealth of home-study courses that you can take wherever you are and whenever you want.

The Spring Forest Qigong Centre is run by Master Chunyi Lin, one of the most respected Qigong masters in all of North America, and one whose guides, techniques and teachings have helped to influence millions of students around the world. Master Lin has even inspired a number of Qigong masters, including those who work alongside him at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre.

Spring Forest Qigong Centre Healing Courses

Qigong is all about healing, and most of the courses offered by the Spring Forest Qigong Centre covers this in one way. There are also specific healing courses that you can take before the main courses or as an addition to them. These include the Qi-ssage Healing course, which is a comprehensive level 1 course that shows you how to combine the practice of Qigong with some Ancient Chinese massage techniques, and the Head-to-Toe Body’s Repair Manual, which is a manual on all-over healing, showing you techniques that you can use on yourself and on others.

These are two different courses, each with their own benefits and ways of doing things. However, they are both hugely beneficial and offer a long list of benefits, including:

  • Immune system support
  • Recovery from a stroke
  • Lower back pain
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Stress, depression and insomnia
  • Digestive problems
  • Breathing problems
  • Blood problems
  • Heart problems

A Prayer for all Living Beings

This particular meditation guide was recorded by Master Chunyi and 5 Tibetan monks. It combines Qigong teachings and Master Lin’s wisdom with the vast experience offered by the monks, as well as several Buddhist principles. Buddhism has many close ties with Qigong, and they are evident in the Prayer for all Living Beings guide.

So, if you want to open your mind, to expand your potential and to take a huge leap forward with your Qigong studies, then be sure to checkout A Prayer for all Living Beings.

Spring Forest Qigong Centre Meditations

There are over a dozen meditation guides available at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre. These can be purchased as CDs or downloaded as MP3s, and all of them are guided by Master Lin himself. These guides include:

  • Small Universe: This is also included in the level 1 SFQ Fundamentals course, so if you have already taken that course, then is no need to signup for this one. If not, it makes for a great addition to your practice and comes in two forms, a 30 minute guide and a 60 minute guide.
  • Six Word Chant: Buddhism and Qigong meet yet again in this meditation which, as its name suggests, involves using a Buddhist chant in order to make a better connection to the universe and to your inner self.
  • Healing Our World: Share your love and your healing energy with the world in this meditation.
  • Heart Sutra Chant: This short meditative guide focuses on enlightenment and spiritual development.
  • Sun Meditation: This level three course was designed to be taken along with the Moon Meditation discussed below, which is why you will find both of these meditations on the intermediate courses provided by the Spring Forest Qigong Centre.
  • Moon Meditation: The perfect complement to the Sun Meditation, helping you to remove blockages and unlock your true potential.
  • Temple of Heaven: This is a 2-hour long meditation that is available as a digital download only.
  • Rainbow Meditation: A level 4 course, the purpose of the Rainbow Meditation is to develop your third-eye, which will come in handy for the level 5 courses, where your third eye is one of the main focuses.