Does Pu-er Tea Have Pesticide Residue? You May Be Surprised

Does Pu-er tea has pesticide residue? Will the pesticide residue harm your body? Will you be poisoned if you drink Pu-er tea every day?

Before solving this problem, let’s talk about the pesticide residue of tea: it’s sure that tea normally contains pesticide when the tea was planted. It was done to de-worming, and weeding. The tea famers must have used pesticide, such as atrazine, imidacloprid, pyridaben, dimethoate, pyrethroids, prochloraz and others. Therefore, the pesticide residue is inevitable. However, among all other tea types, the Pu-er tea, which has been exported all over the world, has the lowest level of pesticide residue. Therefore, Pu-er is the safest tea in the world.

The “pesticide residue” and “excessive pesticide” are two different concepts. The member of China Engineering Academy, Chen Zongmao points out that the pesticide residue detected from the tea is not mean they will necessarily hurt the human body. The average consumption of tea in our country is 4 to 5 grams every day. The pesticide residue consumed will not exceed the safety standard published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Health Organization. Simultaneously, small amount of pesticide will not hurt human body. Therefore, the method used to detect the pesticide residue is organic chemical method. However, the majority of the pesticides do not dissolve in the water, the highest possible level of pesticide is between 10% to 20%. Therefore, if you only drink the tea, not chew the tea leaves, it will further reduce the risk caused by the pesticide residue. Of course, unqualified tea with excessive pesticide residue enter in the market due to regulatory issue is another problem.

Additionally, during the brewing process of Pu-er tea. The high temperature of the water used in the process of waking up the tea can make the pesticide loss its activity. A small amount of pesticide that dissolved in the water can be filtered out. The minimal pesticide residue will be lost mostly through this process. In about two hours, the tea leaves brewing with normal water, the majority of the pesticide residue will not be dissolved in the water.

In summary, Pu-er tea is the safest tea among all the tea types. Additionally, in order to reduce the risks caused by the pesticide residue and heavy metal residue, it is suggested to purchase Pu-er tea from legitimate channel. Also, you should only drink the tea, don’t chew on the tea leaves. Don’t forget to change the water after a long time.

If you really want to get clear with the pesticide residue issue, then think about it, the pesticide residue in the tea is very little compare to the pesticide residue contained in the fruits and vegetables we eat every day. Therefore, as long as you are purchasing Pu-er tea from legitimate channel, you should not need to worry about the harm that the pesticide residue can be caused to your body. Pu-er tea can bring many health benefits to you. Drinking more Pu-er tea can only make your healther.