Raising a tea pet: it is a science, but more of an interest

Life like the traveling of one piece of the tea leaves. After the experience in the boiling water, rolling, and gradually stretching, finally sink at the bottom of the cup. After brewing over and over again, it returns back to the real calm. Tea tasting to us is the quietness away from the noisy, and also the slight aroma after bitterness washes your mouth and tongue. Even though it is dull, it is also honest and simple, giving people warmness.

Because you pet the tea, therefore, you raise the tea pet. The fun of having a tea pet I like planting a flower. Watering, cutting the branches, and every other small thing, when the moment it “blossom”, it feels like having a life and passing along the way of nourishing the heart. At that moment, you will feel satisfied. People says that drinking tea helps your health and builds your personality. “Raising” a tea pet is also the same.

A well-nourished “Tea pet” has the potential and space for appreciation like the clay teapot, which can even be treated as antique. Throughout the history, many tea drinkers have spent their whole lives “feeding” the tea pet on the tea table with tea and dedication.

Here summarizes the “raising” method, the focus should be “using heart rather than complication”.

  1. During the process of raising, only watering with tea, do not use the water. By this way, it will have the smooth feeling when you touch it.
  2. Tea pet is the same as the clay teapot, it will appreciate after time. You can use two ways to raise it, either by manual ferment, or natural ferment: manual ferment means o threw the tea pet in the tea bucket, according to your own preference, soaking the tea pet there for 2 to 4 days. Then take it out, it reaches the goal of having it absorb the water quickly. The natural ferment can only wait for the time to achieve the results.
  3. Tea pet is not just for Puer tea. But using Puer tea is easier to get the result.
  4. Don’t always use the leftover tea to raise tea pet. It is better to brush the tea pet with the small brush while drinking.
  5. There is good and bad quality of the chiltern, but it is not an issue. Every day maintaining includes clean it with brush every day. Regularly rubs the tea pet with tea cloth to keep it shining. You will easily see the pet blow bubbles.
  6. If the quality of the water is too hard, which contains high level of alkaline and mineralized substance (it is recommend to boil the water and wait for the water to cool down to the room temperature. Then use the water. You should also change the water daily).
  7. “Both dry and wet” (Don’t soak the pet all the time. It is recommended to use the soaking for 2 days then dry for 3 days, which is best for the pet stomatal to breath.)
  8. The maintenance of the tea pet is the same as the clay teapot. Among the six tea categories, the dark tea, Oolong tea and Puer tea (raw or ripe) have the best effect. However, you can only choose one. When you brought the tea pet home, you should boil it for a several hours (it does not have to be continuous, but the longer the better).
  9. It is like feeding a real pet, tea pet also requires careful care. However, some people will water the tea pets with different types of tea. This is the misconception about the tea pet. Additionally, when you choose tea pet, you need to consider the size, meaning, materials and the hours.