Popular Exercises and Recovery for Modern Women

Kickboxing, taekwondo, STEPS, Latin dance and yoga are the most popular exercises among women, and each one has their own unique benefits to the human body. We are going to look at four of the major popular exercises that women partake in, which of course men can do as well.

Yoga—-Soft body language

According to many practitioners, Yoga helps prevent and cure diseases. Practicing yoga maintains body under a certain posture for a certain time, and that makes the body and mind united. Doing yoga also helps balance the endocrine system, equally strengthening arms and legs, keeping a good level of energy even if you don’t have enough sleep.

Kickboxing—Losing weight fast and efficiently

Kickboxing requires a perfect combination of speed and strength, and it helps consume a large amount of calories. Doing it for an hour burns 600 calories, and increases endurance.

Taekwondo- Alternative high-intensity workouts

Taekwondo, originating from folk martial arts in ancient Korea, is a kind of footwork-based KungFu that many women in Asia practice for a high-intensity workout rather than partaking in kickboxing.

Latin dance—Shapes the waist and hips

Latin dancing helps release your emotions, softens stress, increases body flexibility and strengthens cardio-pulmonary functions. When a learner is dancing, the upper part of the body, especially the shoulders remains stable, which increases core muscle training. The middle part of the body including the waist and crotch keeps twisting, which shows for increased flexibility. For the lower part of the body, movements help keep the legs and feet limber and soft.

Before doing all of these exercises make sure to drink enough water 30 minutes beforehand and also perform adequate stretches in order to help the body stay dehydrated and free from injury. It is also a great thing to drink warm after a workout in order to stay healthy, as the blood temperature is warm. The warm water matches the temperature of the body, which many Chinese physicians regard as an important contribution to overall health. This is one of the many reasons why water is almost always served warm in China, even on hot days. Drinking warm water when the body is hot in fact allows the body to cool down.

A great warm drink at any time of the day is tea. For doing such exercises people can drink tea beforehand, roughly 30-60 minutes. Aside from the warm heating benefits, tea also accelerates fat burning and acts like a sponge for eating up fat. Many of the flavenol qualities of tea allow for the skin and body to detoxify and help with speedy recover after a muscle has been exhausted so it makes for a great drink overall in the health world.

After working out it is not uncommon to see Chinese sipping on tea. They may do so at home or get some kind of flavored tea at the gym, which is a bit unlike westerners. However, those who are looking to get stronger will of course drink protein but do so with mild-temperature water rather than cold due to the above-mentioned reasons.