Can pregnant women drink green tea?

To women, the time during their pregnancy, might be the most special, complicated and beautiful. Then, many families with pregnant women are very concerned with this questions. Because during the pregnancy, there are many things need to be avoided.

Tea contains tannic acid, theophylline, caffeine and other substance. Tannic Acid can combine with iron to form a compound that cannot absorb by body, which will prevent the absorption of the iron for pregnant women. Therefore, if you drink excessive strong tea, it has the risk of causing anemia in pregnancy. The infant might suffer from congenital iron deficiency due to this. So, pregnant women should not drink too much tea, for maximum of 3 to 5 grams of tea per day. And the tea has to be light green tea.

  1. Pregnant women should be careful with the amount of green tea they drink: even though there is benefits for pregnant women to drink green tea, they should be careful with the amount of tea drink. If pregnant women drink too much and too strong tea, it might cause danger for the infant. If pregnant women drink excessive strong tea, it has the risk of causing anemia in pregnancy. And the infant may suffer from congenital iron deficiency. Long-term drinking strong tea will cause the heart beat speeding, increasing of urine output, and accelerating of blood circulation, which will undoubtedly bring burden to pregnant women’s heart and kidney. Therefore, it is not recommended for pregnant women to drink a large amount of strong tea.
  2. Pay attention to when to drink: pregnant women must not drink green tea with empty stomach. Because tea contains caffeine and other excitatory substance. Drinking with stomach will hurt your stomach. Pregnant women should drink light green tea one hour after eating.
  3. Pregnant women should not drink green tea in the night, it will have effect. Tea contains zinc, vitamin C and other beneficial ingredients. If pregnant women drink 2 to 5 grams of light green tea each day, it can strengthen the function of heart and kidney, promote the blood circulation, help digestion, and prevent of pregnancy edema. The zinc contained in the green tea is very rick. Zinc plays significant role in the normal growth and development of the infant.

The effect of pregnant women drink tea has on fetus

There are many types of tea. Different teas have different effects on people. Not all the tea is suitable for pregnant women. If they drink tea without considering, it will affect the health of the pregnant women and fetus. The principles for pregnant women to drink tea: pregnant women should drink green tea, should not drink and should avoid strong tea. The amount should not be excessive.

Who should drink green tea

  1. Appropriate for people with high-blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, eating too much oily food, drinking alcohol.
  2. People with fever, deficiency in kidney, cardiovascular disease, peptic ulcer, neurasthenia, lactating women, children.