How to protect your skin in autumn – A Chinese perspective

In autumn, the skin easily dries, becomes yellowish, peels, becomes rough and faces many other issues. Some even make the comparison that skin when not cared for during the autumn will wither like flowers. So how should you protect the skin in order to make the skin supple and white and to make it have spring-like skin vitality?

The first step to skin vitality: persistently avoid tanning to ensure that the skin is moist.

Early autumn sunshine is bright and less sinister, warming the skin so that a lot of girls like bathing in the sun. But in reality, although the early autumn sunshine is not burning, it is also a gentle skin killer, and can still tan your skin as well as dry the moisture on your face.

Also, if you do not protect yourself from the sun, your skin may tan to the point that it begins aging, with the appearance of fine lines and other problems. So we should always avoid the sun. In addition to applying sunscreen, remember to wear a hat when going out. This way your skin will be better protected.

Second step to skin vitality: How can we truly achieve a moisturizing effect?

To make the skin vibrant, you need to let the skin cells be full of water. Only in this way will “energy” under go good metabolism, and at the same time make skin activity dynamic, “stimulating” the skin, thus making it more shiny and resilient to the external environment.

To let the skin retain moisture, apart from keeping lotions, gels and other similar skin care products by your side, pay attention to the environment and have moisturizing sprays beside you. White-collar workers facing the computer every day have to pay even more attention. Do not wait until the skin is tight to remember to moisturize the skin because that is when the skin is giving warning that it is in a state of serious water shortage. At this time when the skin is extremely dehydrated, the effect of re-hydrating the skin is not good.

At the same time, we must note that moisture is not simply about replenishing moisture. Especially with dry skin types, when you moisturize you need to choose moisturizing lotion that contains oils. This helps the skin to lock in moisture. At the same time, you should not face the computer for too long, for if you do so the generated static electricity can also make skin moisture evaporate quickly. If possible, during lunch break, it is best to wash your face, and then re-apply moisturizing skin care products. This can stimulate skin vitality, suppleness and delicacy.

Skin vitality third step: the best solution to improve skin color!

Rosy white skin is also a reflection of the body being in its best state, so pay attention to be in tune with the internal parts of the body. Eat some fruit, and supplements with some protein-rich foods. In addition, especially important for girls aged 25 and over, you should complement your diet with foods rich in skin collagen. After the age of 25, girls begin to lose collagen in the skin. Eating some oral collagen can help the skin lock in moisture and a variety of skin nutrition, making the skin look smoother and more vibrant. Tea is also a great drink to incorporate into your daily diet.

Care of the skin is not just about cosmetic solutions at some given time, but more about paying attention to the day to day habits so with some life adjustments you can increase the quality of your skin immensely.