Most Effective Ways to Make Pu’er for Weight Loss

How to drink Pu-erh tea that can help losing weight? Pu-erh tea has been known as the champion in weight losing for a long time. If you combine Pu-erh tea and other tea with the similar effect in weight losing, you can not only improve the weight losing results, but also reduce the bitterness of the Pu-erh tea itself. It is a very good combination.

  1. Fresh milk Pu-erh Tea

Ingredients: Fresh milk 200 ml, Pu-erh tea 10 g.


  • put the Pu-erh tea in the hot water, soaking them for 5 minutes
  • Add fresh milk into the Pu-erh tea to adjust the flavor, mixing them up

Features: this recipe combines the flavor of tea and fresh milk together. Even though it lowers the freshness smell of the tea itself, it brings strong milk flavor. It is very suitable for people who don’t like the taste of Pu-erh tea but want to drink them for weight losing purpose. Comparing to simply drink Pu-erh tea, this recipe can increase the absorbing of nutrition to human body.

  1. Chrysanthemum Pu-erh Tea

Ingredients: Chrysanthemum 5, Pu-erh tea 10 g


  • Put chrysanthemum and Pu-erh tea in the cup
  • Pour the boiled water into the cup and brew the tea

Features: When you have stomach digesting problem that affects gastrointestinal function, you can drink this type of tea. It has the effect of enhancing the digesting function. In additional, this recipe can help bringing down a fever and detoxification. What’s more, it can effectively eliminate fat and oil.

  1. Balsam Pear Pu-erh Tea

Ingredients: Balsam Pear 1, Pu-erh tea 10 g


  1. wash the balsam pear, then put it in the pot, boiling it with water.
  2. Put the Pu-erh into the cup, brewing the tea with the balsam pear water

Features: the juice of balsam pear contains charantin and insulin-like substance, which works well in lower the blood sugar level. It is the best drinks for diabetic patients and obese patients. Because the taste of balsam pear is quite bitter, but after cooking, the bitterness will be reduced largely. When it combines with Pu-erh tea, it can enhance the flavor of the Pu-erh tea. It is a very good tea product to help losing weight.

Many people drink Pu-erh tea. If you can eat scientific diet and keep certain amount of exercise, you will be able to lose 10 kg in a month. So persistence is crucial. Pu-erh tea cannot only help losing weight, you can adjust your body to the best states. After you successfully lose weight, you should keep the habits of drinking Pu-erh. It will make sure you will not gain weight again.