Pu’er tea can lower blood pressure, says NTU Professor

According to The Institute of Food Science and Technology at National Taiwan University newest research finding, Pu’er tea that has been fermented can lower blood pressure. In recent years, there has been more and more research on the different benefits of the tea. The Department of Health commissioned the Institute of Food Science and Technology at National Taiwan University’s Professor Sun Luxi to carry out the research on different teas, and make steps to discover Pu’er teas health benefits.

Sun Luxi points out, Pu’er tea is a type of green tea that has been fermented, known as “fermented tea”, it exudes a slightly musty aroma; it is favored by people of all ages in Guangdong region, and is commonly found in Hong Kong style restaurants. To understand Pu’er tea’s effect on blood pressure and anti-arteriosclerosis, she used mice to experiment, boiling one gram of tea to make 10 cups of tea to feed the mice and found that the tea hindered bad cholesterol (Low-density lipoprotein LDL) synthesis, avoiding arteriosclerosis, reducing plasma cholesterol and triglycerides while increasing fecal cholesterol in addition to lowering blood pressure. She said, the amount of catechins are small, lowering cholesterol, slowing oxidation use is still high, displaying other antioxidants, though the active ingredient has not been found, but she thinks that fermented tea products are involved.

Sun Luxi points out, the amount of tea used in animal testing is about three times the concentration of normal people’s tea. Currently there is no recommended amount of tea to drink, but she thinks that after developing a habit of tea drinking, the health benefits will naturally slowly occur.