Can Pu’er Tea Help with Weight Loss?

It’s well known that tea is one of the healthiest beverages on the plant. Many studies have shown that tea can increase fat burning and help lose weight. Before Puer was known for its magic in weight loss, green tea has shined in its massive beneficial substances, such as tea polyphenols, chlorophyll, catechin, and caffeine. Tea polyphenols help dissolve oil and grease without any side effects. Chlorophyll prevents your body from over absorbing cholesterol.

However, scientists are finding that Puer shares many of the same qualities. Puer is made of Dayezhongcha leaves, which is one of the oldest tea tree spices on Earth, and the tea polyphenols and catechin presenting in Dayezhongcha (Pu’er) are in fact higher than other species of teas.

Some studies suggested that Pu’er can neutralize tonic contraction. Tonic contraction mixes digestive fluid with food to improve absorption; so to put it simply, even if you eat a lot, your small intestine will absorb less fat.

Usually the fat digestion period lasts for 3 hours after meals. Puer helps decrease fat absorption and improves fat elimination. That’s why nomads in western China have traditionally fancied Puer so much. Their diet mainly consists of meat, lacking in fruit and vegetables, so taking Puer helps digest fat intake and cleans extra fat.

The most essential technique in Puer production, which differs Puer from other tea producing processes, is fermentation. Thanks to this, Puer is rich in bioactive substances, which contribute to its taste, aroma and color. During fermentation the fresh tea becomes soft, and the mild and mellow taste presents come about in addition to beneficial chemicals that can improve your digestion and bowel movements.

Some people can’t stand the bitter taste of Puer, so they only use a fraction of the suggested amount of tealeaves. According to some studies, in order to lose weight, one should drink at least 10 grams of tea every day. It should be noted that only young raw puer tastes bitter whereas older raw puer has a more earthy taste. Most people prefer cooked puer in order to get a more roasted and balanced taste.

We would also like to note that some people take Puer for medicinal purposes, and that if you drink Puer before meals, it will cause the opposite result because Puer actually cleans your digestion system, which stimulates appetite. However, this can be a good technique if you want to work out afterwards, as your body will increase fat burning.

Most Puer that people enjoy drinking is cooked and not raw. Please avoid drinking raw tea on an empty stomach. Raw tea contains higher caffeine, which stimulates your stomach and intestines. Some people may feel nauseous or dizzy. If it happens, drink more water and relax. After a hour, the symptoms will be gone.

Puer undoubtedly accelerates digestion, and will cause you to digest better and even possibly make you may feel hungry later. Control your appetite as best as you can, and try not to eat much greasy food to get the best effects from Puer.

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