Qigong Classes 2022 – Review of Literature & Seminars

It has never been easier to learn Qigong, which is why this ancient Chinese practice has exploded in popularity. It has always been popular in large parts of Asia, but thanks to the internet age, and to home-learning, there are now millions of students and thousands of qualified masters across Europe, America and even in Australia.

One of the best places to learn Qigong in this day and age is at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, which is owned by Master Lin. Based in North American, the Spring Forest Qigong Centre has provided Qigong teachings to students around the world for a number of years now, and it offers more comprehensive and more inclusive training than any other centre or retreat we have encountered.

The Spring Forest Qigong Centre offers courses from level 1 to level 5, and while all students new to the centre are advised to start at level 1, your experience and understanding of Qigong will dictate where you begin.

SFQ Fundamentals

One of the most popular courses at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre is the SFQ Fundamentals course. This is a level 1 course, but it’s much more than that. It’s the basis of all Qigong learning. This is where many experts began, and it’s where thousands of students learn the basics of this ancient Chinese practice every single year.

It is billed as a “simple guide”, but if you want to learn more about Qigong, if you want to unlock your healing potential, then it’s not just simple, it’s essential. This entry-level course contains a manual, a CD of meditative guides, and a DVD of Qigong exercises. The course was compiled by Master Lin himself and he is also the one guiding you through the meditations and the exercises.

Qi-ssage Healing

This is also a level 1 course, and one that can be taken before, after or even during the SFQ Fundamentals course. Qi-ssage Healing is a series of techniques that were created by Master Lin and are available as an exclusive to the Spring Forest Qigong Centre. There are many different techniques included here, offering complete healing. You can apply these techniques to yourself, curing everything from lower back pain to headaches and more, or you can apply them to others, becoming a healer.


As with the Qi-ssage Healing course, this is a one-off course, but it is one that you can take at anytime, regardless of your previous experience. It does introduce some Qigong practices though, so it’s best to take this after you have worked your way through SFQ Fundamentals.

There are seventy-six techniques in this course, all of which you can use on yourself and on others. They include simple pressure-point techniques that you can use on yourself, techniques that you can use on your baby, and more. There are feet massaging techniques that can help with constipation and other ailments, hand messaging techniques that can help with lower back pain, and techniques that you can apply to your testicles in order to alleviate symptoms associated with STDs and prostate problem.

Live Tele seminars

If you want to pick Master Lin’s brain and tap into his vast experience, then these teleseminars are the best way to do it. He will guide you through several Qigong practices and offer some words of wisdom, and there is also a question and answer session during this live call where you can ask Master Lin some questions.

There are 4 of these calls a month and they begin on Tuesday night (Wednesday morning here in Australia). If you miss one of them, or if you simply want to play catch-up, you can also download MP3 recordings of the live calls. The basic teleseminar offered by the Spring Forest Qigong Centre is The Healing Connection, but there is also one for advanced students looking to take their final step, and a prerecorded one called Working with the Masters.

Meditative Guides

As an addition to one of the main Spring Forest Qigong Centre courses, you should look into one of their meditative guides. Many of these are great regardless of your understanding or your level of ability, however, some of them, Rainbow Meditation included, is only recommended for advanced students.

Some of the standout guides here include Small Universe, which is available for level 1 students, Six Word Chant, which uses Buddhist mindfulness techniques to help you to balance your mind, and the two-hour long Temple of Heaven. All of these are available either on CD, or as digital downloads.