Qigong or Taichi – Understand the Mind / Body / Spirit Connection

Qigong Master Chunyi Lin Bio – Founder of Spring Forest Qigong
Qigong Master Chunyi Lin

The following is a transcription of a brief video featuring Master Chunyi Lin, the founder of Spring Forest QiGong, as he teaches us the difference between QiGong and Taichi (aka Tai Chi, or Taiji), and why he feels that QiGong is more powerful for healing the body. Please note there are a few alterations to the text for fluency purposes. You can see the complete video, Emptiness and Qigong – Understanding the Correlation, here.


There are many, many ways to help the body to heal and to balance. You have a Tai Chi way, you have a Yoga way, you have a Reiki way, and now we’re talking about the QiGong way. For healing the body, to me, the quickest way or the most powerful way and simplest way, is QiGong.

QiGong puts the mind, the body and the spirit together, and the heart together. In Tai Chi, it puts the mind and the physical body together. QiGong, it puts the mind, the heart, the spirit and the physical body together.

That’s why, for healing the body, QiGong is more powerful than Taichi.