Qigong Techniques to Protect and Recover One’s Eyes

Protect and Recover Eyes with QigongThere are many eye diseases in the world, and nowadays people rely on their eyes more than ever due to the large amount of office workers using computers. We stare at screens all day, and if not there our eyes are buried in books due to school studies. The eyes are one of the most important organs in the body that are always being used except for when we are asleep, and it is important like other parts of the body that we maintain them.

One important exercise that helps stimulate energy in the eyes and helps establish a better connection between the brain and eyes is simply turning your neck back and forth. Each time you turn side to side you close your eyes and open them, imagining something in the distance like an ocean or a mountain. Starting with your head facing forward, close your eyes and then turn to the left. When you open them imagine a nice ocean in the distance that is soothing on the eyes. This will help stimulate eye energy by using color visualization and will help the eyes relax as well. Follow to turn the neck back to the center and then close the eyes, repeating the same process to the right side but with a different visualization such as a mountain. Changing visualizations helps the eyes engage in recognizing different patterns, and is akin to exercises given from eye doctors who recommend people to focus on stimulating colors when staring at a computer screen for too long.

Eye massaging

Another popular exercise that helps prevent glaucoma and headaches in addition to issues with nearsightedness and farsightedness is massaging the bones around your eyes. According to Head to Toe Healing, put a thumb on each temple, curve your fingers, and draw them across the bone along the top of the eyes where the eyebrow are and at the bottom of the eyes where the other bone is located. Repeat each one nine times and imagine golden light going into these areas as you send a healing message to your brain such as “My eyes are healed, my channels are open.” You will find your eyes will also be able to stare at a screen longer if this exercise is done regularly.

Eye circling exercise

While staring straight and sitting still, circling the eyes each way three times will help with several conditions, including allergic reactions in the eyes, crossed eyes, lazy eyes and glaucoma. The eyes have many energetic and nerve connections to the brain, and this exercise promotes overall healthy eyes.

Eye heating

Rub the palms together until they become warm and then place them on top of your eyes with your eyes open. Feel the heat healing and comforting them while also imagining the heat penetrating deep into the sockets. Send a healing message such as “My vision is perfect. I am perfectly healed” and hold it until the heat starts to wear off. Do this several times a day, especially if you stare at a computer often, and you will help your corneas heal. This exercise is also good for glaucoma and macular degeneration, and can be thought of as a heating pad more the eyes much like an athlete uses heating pads to heal other parts of the body.

Eye tapping

Using the tips of your fingers on both hands to form a circle, tap the lower bone area of both eyes lightly. This will help stimulate energy in the eyes and improve poor eyesight. According to Head to Toe Healing, this exercise is also good for issues related to diabetes and blood sugar problems, as these energy points connect to the stomach. Tapping there will help improve the digestive system, and alleviate problems with the stomach channels.

Other tips

If you have ever done an optical illusion test where the eyes need to fixate on something for a while and then are pulled away leaving some sort of image or sensation to the eyes and body, then you know just how easy it is for the eyes to become fixated or even “tricked”. And what’s more shocking, it only takes less than a minute and sometimes even a few seconds for the eyes to establish a signal in accordance with what it is seeing and send that connection to the brain. This tells us several things, namely that we are and can constantly rewire the signals we send to the brain including messages of healing. Tapping exercises are but one way to stimulate this and sending messages such as some of the examples mentioned above is also a powerful tool, as there is even a more direct signal transmission in the brain. The power of emotions and the mind are crucial in healing and this cannot be overlooked.

If you are in an office setting then you should always try to have objects around your desk or working area that are “easy on the eyes,” and are preferably associated with color and the outdoors, such as plants or pictures of the sun. Switching your attention to brightly lit, yet comforting objects in red or yellow in addition to soothing colors such as blue and green are healthy ways for the eyes to snap out of computer screen gear and regain strength.