Qigong for Addiction – Alternative Practices for Addiction Healing

Addiction is a destructive thing, and even though it’s becoming more and more common, it is still very taboo. That actually makes things worse, as people hide their addictions from the world, never seeking help or support, and sinking further and further into a hole. And addicts don’t always realise they are addicts. It’s common for alcoholics to be in denial about their habits, but there are also other addicts out there who are in denial, people addicted to everything from caffeine, to the internet, video games and even sex. It’s okay to sit there and argue about whether these things really can be addictive or not, but semantics are irrelevant, and the only think that you need to concrete on is the the fact that, when done impulsively and excessively, all of these things are very dangerous and damaging.

Modern medicine often cures these problems by causing more, giving alcoholics sedatives and heroin addicts methadone — substituting one vice for another. But Qigong can help without giving you another vice. There are techniques and practices that can cleanse you and cure you, techniques and practices that can attack the root of your problem and ensure you do not relapse.


Meditation is one of the best ways to tackle addiction. This helps to calm and settle your mind, and in doing so, it will eliminate the desperate need that you feel to satisfy your addiction, while also calming any withdrawal symptoms that you have. One of the most difficult things that addicts struggle with, is the act of doing nothing all day. Boredom breeds curiosity and desperation, and before long they indulge their habit again. Meditation can make you enjoy the peace and the nothingness, and it can ensure that you feel brighter, clearer and fresher when you break out of it.

What’s more, if you focus on Qigong meditation, then you you can regulate the yin and yang in your body, restoring a balance that was probably lost during your addiction, and making you feel human again.

All of the following meditations can be found on the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, and all of them are guided by Master Chunyi Lin, whose voice will soothe you and whose instructions will lead you:

  • Small Universe: A level 1 meditation, Small Universe is basic, but essential. This meditation teaches you how to open two main channels in your body, allowing energy to run freely through them, and effectively cleansing you from head to toe.
  • Sun & Moon Meditation: These two level 3 meditations are designed to be taken together, which is why they are included on the same level 3 course at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre. They teach you about your third eye, with can help you to be more introspective, attacking the root of your addiction. They can also help to improve energy levels.
  • Energy Breathing Meditation: This is a level 2 meditation, and one that gives you a boost of energy. Just like Small Universe, this is one of the most basic and essential meditations in Qigong, and it’s something you should look to learn early on and practice regularly. This is especially great for ridding you of the fatigue that some withdrawals can cause.

The Wisdom Embodiment Package

You will need to be an advanced student before you can take this course, but it’s worth the wait. This is a level 4 course and it consists of several videos, all of which were recorded from a level 4 retreat that took place at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre in August 2015. This package is hosted by Master Lin, who lectures a room of students in advanced Qigong techniques and meditation over the course of a few days.

In this video, Master Lin discusses how Qigong can be used to combat chemical dependency, among other things. In fact, many of the things that may be the root cause of chemical dependency are also addressed, including anxiety, anger problems, OCD and ADD. Therefore, if you are suffering from an addiction or you know someone who is, then this can help you to learn about the techniques that can help.

The Wisdom Embodiment Package also guides you through a few other advanced Qigong techniques, not least of which is the Rainbow Meditation. This in-depth meditation is used to open the channels in your body and it also helps to develop and open your third eye, which itself is an essential Qigong technique. The Wisdom Embodiment Package will also show you how to heal through your dreams, how to slip into a state of emptiness in a matter of seconds, how to perform energy operating, and much more. Basically, as well as helping you with your addiction problems, the Wisdom Embodiment Package can also prepare you for completion of your studies at the SFQ.