Qigong for the Brain – Chinese Healing Concepts for the Mind

Qigong is not just about physical health, and many Qigong meditations, exercises and techniques focus on healing you mentally and emotionally as well. In this article we’ll look at ways that you can keep your mental state healthy, ways that you can de-stress and keep the depression and anxiety at bay.


We’re focusing on the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, and we’re also focusing on Master Lin, who founded the centre. That’s because when it comes to Qigong and mental wellbeing, there is no one as well informed or as well placed to help you combat these issues than Master Lin. And there is no centre better placed to help you than the Spring Forest Qigong Centre.


Meditation Guides


Meditation is an essential aspect of Qigong, and one that can also help you to heal mentally. After all, the foundation of meditation is to create a content and relaxed state, so by its very nature it is putting you in a state that will cure you of any stresses and worries, a state that will make you happier and healthier. And that’s even before the visualisations and breathing techniques begin to target your worries and your problems directly.


Meditations are included on all of the courses at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, often in the form of a CD. The SFQ Fundamentals course, for instance, includes the Small Universe meditation, which is one of the most important and useful Qigong meditations, even for experienced practitioners. If you visit the Spring Forest Qigong Centre itself, you will also learn many meditations as part of their retreats, and this practice also plays a big role in the Healing Circles, the teleseminars and many other events that the Spring Forest Qigong Centre run on a regular basis.


Some of the most popular SFQ meditations include:


  • Small Universe: As mentioned above, this meditation is included as part of the SFQ Fundamentals course. The purpose of this meditation is to open your body’s two main channels — the front channel and the back channel. Many masters believe that if these two channels are open and free-flowing at all times, then your body and your mind will be free of illness and disease. That makes this meditation an essential part of your practice if you’re looking to heal and to improve your mental and physical wellbeing. As a separate guide, the Small Universe meditation can be found on the Digital Library section of the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, downloaded as either a 30 minute guide or a 60 minute guide. Which one you choose will depend on how long you want to meditate for, but if you are capable and experienced enough to sit for a full hour, then we recommend the 60 minute meditation.
  • Rainbow Meditation: This meditation is for advanced students only, and is only available for those who have made it to level 4. This meditation is included in many of the advanced retreats run by the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, and you will also find it on the Wisdom Embodiment Package, which consists of several videos, all of which were recorded from an actual level 4 retreat that took place at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre back in 2015. The goal of the Rainbow Meditation is to develop your third eye, which is essential to advanced Qigong and can truly unlock the healing potential within you.
  • Cancer Healing Meditation: This meditation is quite advanced, but it is open to students of all levels. The Cancer Healing Meditation, like the Rainbow Meditation, is included as a part of several Spring Forest Qigong Centre retreats, and Master Lin has held many events discussing this meditation. It is aimed at those who have cancer and those who are closely connected to someone with the disease. This is a horrible disease that can ruin and end lives, which makes this one of the most essential meditations available at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre.


More Healing Power


The Healing Connection is a live teleseminar that may also help you with emotional and mental problems. This call is available once a week and is hosted by Master Lin, who guides a number of students through some essential Qigong healing practices. If you would prefer something a little more personal, then you can simply call the Spring Forest Qigong Centre and book something with one of their healers.


The Qi-ssage Healing course and the Head to Toe Body’s Repair Manual can also help with both physical and mental pain, disease and distress.