Qigong Healer Training – Become Certified with Spring Forest

If you are looking to get involved with Qigong then you have a world of information at your fingertips. These days you don’t need to fly away to some far-off retreat in order to study or practice this art-form, and you can simply study at your own leisure and in your own home courtesy of home-study courses. Not all Qigong centres and schools offer this, but you can find an array of them at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, which is based in North America and is owned and run by the hugely respected Qigong expert Master Chunyi Lin.

Courses at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre are split into 5 different levels, beginning with the basics and working towards the techniques that you need to know to become an expert and a Master yourself. We have split these levels into three options to make it simpler.

So, if you want to become a Qigong healer, then read on.

Qigong for Beginner Students

The main beginner’s course at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre is the SFQ Fundamentals course. This is essential for all beginners. It will guide you through the basics, teaching you a little about the history and the purpose of Qigong, before helping you with some meditations and some exercises. This should always be your first step, but once you have completed this course, you can advance towards some other basic level 1 courses, such as:

  • Qi-ssage Healing: This is a mixture of ancient Chinese massage and Qigong, created by Master Lin and available only at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre. These techniques are completely different to the meditations and exercises you will learn on the main SFQ courses, but they are just as essential. This course comes with a 53-page manual, as well as a CD and a DVD, both of which are guided by Master Lin.
  • Head-to-Toe Bodys Repair Manual: There are seventy-six healing techniques in this comprehensive manual, and you’ll read all about them and their benefits. There are also some illustrations that can help you, and like the Qi-ssage Healing course mentioned above, this will teach you some techniques that can help you and others, including techniques for lower back pain, techniques for headaches and even techniques to help you recover from a stroke.
  • Cancer Healing Meditation: The Big C is something that we all fear, something that will strike as much as 50% of us in our lifetimes and something that has probably taken the lives of several people that you know. This course will help you to beat this disease with the power of compassion and love.

Qigong for Intermediate Students

At this step, the only way is forward. The basics are behind you, the groundwork has already been done, and the Spring Forest Qigong Centre has a wealth of courses that can help you to advance beyond this stage.

  • Sun & Mood Meditation: These two meditations are part of the Qigong for Advanced Healing course, which you can find online. This course is the culmination of a healing program that you can study online, and one that will help to pry open your third eye and unlock your true potential as a healer.
  • Teleseminars: There are several recordings that you can listen to on the Spring Forest Qigong Centre website. These were recorded from live calls that Master Lin took with his students, and they cover several different levels, including the intermediate steps. There are also live calls that you can join, and the best one of these, at least from the standpoint of an intermediate student, is The Healing Connection. This live call lasts for an hour and there are 4 of them scheduled every month. They are organised and guided by Master Lin and they include a Q&A with this Qigong master that lets you tap into his vast experience.

Qigong for Advanced Students

If you manage to make it this far with your studies, then it’s recommended that you pay a visit to the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, learning direct from the masters and rubbing shoulders with students in a similar position as you. But if that’s not possible, you can still progress through the SFQ home study courses.

  • Awaken the Master Within: This is one of the most comprehensive courses that you can find on the Spring Forest Qigong Centre. It is a 24-step program that will take you some time to get through, but one that is well worth it in the end.
  • Rainbow Meditation: This meditative technique will help you to open all of the channels in your body, allowing energy into every cell, improving your spiritual energy and helping you to open your third eye.