Qigong for Hot Flashes – Natural Remedy for Menopause

Suffering from hot flashes? Qigong can help. Hot flashes are the result of an imbalance in your body, and with the right techniques, the right meditations and the right diet, you can restore that balance and heal.

In this article we will focus on courses provided by the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, all of which are available online.

Healing Manual

The Head to Toe Body’s Repair Manual contains a wealth of self-healing techniques that can address any number symptoms you have. As the name of this course suggests, it teaches you ways that you can heal yourself from head to toe, covering everything from aches, pains and injuries, to colds, flus, fevers and much more. It does this by focusing on energy points, which cause problems when they become blocked. The sort of problems that they cause will depend on the location of the blockage, so by starting with the symptom, you can determine where the blockage is, before finding the necessary technique in the Head to Toe Body’s Repair Manual and clearing it.

Where hot flashes are concerned, technique 52 is of particular interest. This technique targets the breasts, showing you a simple massage technique that can help to eliminate your hot flashes and can also help with irregular periods and hormone imbalance. And this is not a quick fix, because if you continue to practice this technique as instructed, then your hot flashes should not return.

Other techniques that might help include all of that following, which help with symptoms of the menopause, among other things.

  • Technique 52
  • Technique 56
  • Technique 60
  • Technique 61

If you are having some other issues, either caused by the hot flashes or completely independent of them, then you can move to the index at the back of the Head to Toe Body’s Repair Manual. This lists a number of symptoms, along with their associated chapter numbers.


You might suffer from fewer hot flashes if you are calmer, more centred and generally healthier. That’s where Qigong meditation comes in. Not only has meditation been proven to help with an array of symptoms, but when you incorporate the elements of Qigong into it, including certain breathing techniques and visualisations, then you can manipulate your energy lines and you can cure an array of symptoms.

All of the following meditations can help with hot flashes and overall health. They are all available on the Spring Forest Qigong Centre website and they are all guided by Master Lin.

  • Small Universe: This is a level 1 meditation, and one that all SFQ students and Qigong students should learn. It is essential, which is why you will find it on the SFQ Fundamentals level 1 course, and why Master Lin insists that everyone learns it. This meditation does not target hot flashes, but rather it focuses on your two main energy channels, because if these are cleared, then you should be healthy from head to toe, and providing that you continue to practice this meditation, then you can remain that way.
  • Temple of Heaven: This meditation guides you on a journey, taking you to a place that is known as the Temple of Heaven. This is a long meditation as it is a long journey, but all students of the Spring Forest Qigong Centre are invited to take it. Whether you make it through the full 2 hours is a different story, but if not, it’s worth coming back to this one, as it is hugely beneficial to your health and your mental power.
  • Sun Meditation: This meditation is a level 3 meditation that aims to unlock all of the energy that you have within you, turning bad energy to good and bringing more fresh energy into your body. This meditation can also help you to pry open your third eye, and it is often taken alongside a meditation called Moon Meditation. The goal is to take one during the daylight hours and one during the evening hours. Both of these meditations are included on the SFQ level 3 course Qigong for Advanced healing.

Nature Qis

Diet is essential to restoring a balance in your body, and you will learn how to eat a healthy and balanced diet as you progress through the Spring Forest Qigong Centre. If you need a little helping hand though, then the Nature’s Qi supplement, available at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, can help. This is a powder that is added to water or juice and aims to give you a boost of essential vitamins and minerals, all of which have a balance of yin and yang.