The Benefit of Qigong for Kids – Alternative and Holistic Treatment for Kids

How Qigong Can Benefit Your Child’s Health

Our kids are getting unhealthier, devoting themselves to a life of junk food, video games and the internet. This sedentary lifestyle affects adults who indulge in it for a few months or years, so imagine what it does to kids who treat their bodies poorly when they need to be at their healthiest. Such a poor lifestyle can damage growth and development, and it can lead to bad habits that they just can’t get rid of, habits that will stay with them throughout their adult life, and habits that could, ultimately, shorten their lives.

This is where practices like Qigong come in. This is a healthy, simple practice, and one that can promote a complete healthy lifestyle. Qigong can help your kids to be happier and more emotionally stable, and it can also ensure they are healthier physically as well. Qigong can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age, and with the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, an online Qigong school based in the US, it has never been easier to learn.

At the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, all courses are led by Master Lin, whose experience and expertise is perfect for getting your kids involved with Qigong and ensuring that they remain interested.

In this article we will look at Spring Forest Qigong Centre courses that can help your kids to get involved with Qigong, courses that they can take on their own, or courses that you can take with them.

A Novel Way to Heal

To begin, it might be beneficial to introduce your child slowly, to show them the benefits of this practice so that they can get excited about it and actually look forward to the practice. Because as you know yourself, if they are not interested and they feel that they are being forced into something, then they will be quick to rebel and to give up.

That’s where the Born A Healer book from Master Lin comes into play. The full title of this book is “Born A Healer: I was born a healer, you were born a healer, too!” and it details Master Lin’s experiences with Qigong. As well as describing how he came to found the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, it also describes his history with the practice. His passion for Qigong is second-to-none, and this rubs off when you read the book. There are also reports from fellow SFQ students, which is great for getting readers interested in Qigong, as they aspire to follow in the footsteps of those students or of Master Lin himself.

Getting Started

There are a few basic Qigong courses that your kids can focus on to begin with. At the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, all courses are listed from level 1 to level 5, and as you learn, you progress. There are also many courses that are not tied to any level, but should still be taken at specific times. In our opinion, the best way to approach your education at the SFQ is to complete the courses below, in the order stated:

  1. SFQ Fundamentals: This course is also known by the name Qigong for Health, and is essential for everyone that is new to the practice of Qigong, and to the Spring Forest Qigong Centre. This covers exercises such as Moving of Yin and Yan and meditations such as Small Universe, and there are also some other basics explained.
  2. Qi-ssage Healing: A level 1 healing course, this will teach you how you can use massages to target acupressure points, and how to perform a full Qi-ssage Healing session on someone. It will literally give you healing hands.
  3. Head to Toe Bodys Repair Manual: This is a huge manual that details a total of 76 techniques. These include techniques for pregnant women and techniques that parents can use on their newborn babies, but most of the techniques in this manual focus on ways that you can heal yourself.
  4. Qigong for Healing: A level 2 course, Qigong for Healing follows on from Qigong for Health and focuses more on healing others than on healing yourself, which was the goal of SFQ Fundamentals. You will also learn how to perform something known as the Energy Breathing Meditation.
  5. Qigong for Advanced Healing: A level 3 course, there is a sense of finality with this one, as you complete a segment of your studies. Here you will learn about your third eye, about meditations known as the Sun Meditation and Moon Meditation, and a great deal more.

After this, you will have progressed through the beginner and intermediate stages and will be ready for some advanced Qigong courses.