Victoria Qigong Instruction – Study Qigong in Victoria

The most densely populated state in Australia has its far share of citizens looking to get away from the stress and clutter of modern life, to do something that calms the soul and soothes the mind. And that’s where Qigong comes in. This ancient Chinese practice is a great alternative way to cure all that ails you, from mental health problems to physical pains and a great deal more.


One of the best places to study Qigong in Victoria, across Australia and indeed around the world, is Spring Forest Qigong Centre. This Qigong retreat is based in the United States, located in the state of Minnesota, but they offer a huge range of home-study courses that you can take when and where you want, studying at your own leisure. It was founded by Qigong expert Master Chunyi Lin, who continues to run the centre to this day, compiling their courses, working with students and creating the next generation of Qigong masters.


So, just what courses are available at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre?


SFQ Fundamentals


This course includes a trio of exercises that can help you renew the energy in your body, these are: Moving of Yin and Yan, Breathing of the Universe and Joining of the Universe. There are also many more exercises, all of which were created by Master Lin, who will guide you through the exercises on the DVD. There are also a number of meditation techniques, including the Small Universe meditation, which can be purchased as a separate meditative guide. This meditation is all about clearing energy blockages, which in turn will help you to heal. It also uses a number of breathing techniques and sounds, combined with mental focus, in order to improve overall well being.


Head-to-Toe Bodys Repair Manual


There are seventy-six techniques in this manual that you can use all over your body to remove energy blockages and help yourself to heal. These techniques can also be used on others, which means that with the Head-to-Toe Body’s Repair Manual you have everything you need to become a Qigong healer.


This course is recommended as an addition to other basic Qigong courses, but even if you have already advanced through the first few levels and consider yourself to be relatively knowledgable in Qigong, it’s still worth taking a few steps back and purchasing the Head-to-Toe Body’s Repair Manual.


This manual can help with:


  • Digestive problems
  • Mental health problems
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Immune support
  • Generalised pains
  • Injuries
  • Stroke recovery
  • Cancer


And a great deal more. And the best thing about the Head-to-Toe Body’s Repair Manual is that the techniques used to improve your health are very simple, and can be performed in a matter of minutes.


A Prayer for all Living Beings


One of the most unique meditations provided by the Spring Forest Qigong Centre is the Prayer for all Living Beings. This was recorded by Master Chunyi, who sat with 5 Tibetan monks in order to compile something that was authentic to Buddhist teachings, and something that could help you towards your own nirvana. This meditation comes with a list of instructions from Master Lin, who tells you exactly how you should sit, breathe and feel, and it is recommended for students of all levels, regardless of their previous experience.


Additional Support from the Spring Forest Qigong Centre


Master Lin’s wisdom can also be found on the Born A Healer book, which is an Amazon bestseller. As well as discussing techniques and covering a little of the history of Qigong, it also explains Master Lin’s journey, which is inspirational for anyone looking to follow in his footsteps. There are also some stories from Master Lin’s students, people that have tapped into his vast well of experience, have progressed through the many courses offered by the Spring Forest Qigong Centre and have improved their lives as a result.


This book promises to help you:


  • Balance your life
  • Gain a positive outlook
  • Improve your insight
  • Understand how the universe works
  • Alleviate your pain and suffering
  • Learn how to heal others


And if you are struggling with your diet, failing to get the nutrients that you need and therefore struggling to gain a proper balance of energy, then the Nature’s Qi supplement can help. Specially formulated with organic ingredients, this supplement comes packed with vitamins, minerals, probiotics and enzymes. It also gives you a large dose of fibre, and with no artificial colours, flavours, gluten, soy, wheat or diary products.