Qi-ssage from Spring Forest Qigong

In places like the US and UK, we have lagged behind the far east where beneficial, gentle healing practices are concerned. It seems that we are quick to take tablets, which could be doing us more harm than good, but we view any gentle healing techniques with suspicion. That is changing though and these days it is common for modern medicine to prescribe things that were previously viewed with suspicion.

Westerners are a little far from the heart of Qigong in the east and we’re even a long way from the biggest western Qigong schools, many of which are located in the US. But thanks to the home study courses offered by one of the best of these, the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, we can learn where we want and when we want. So, if you want some healing hands, if you want to take your massage skills to the next level, then take a peek at these SFQ massage courses. 

Qi-ssage Massage Courses

Many Qigong schools stick with traditional methods and techniques, but Spring Forest Qigong went a different way. Their founder and leader, Master Lin, created a series of techniques known as Qi-ssage. Although these were based on ancient Chinese massage and on Qigong, the system itself was unique and it has since formed a major part of everything that the SFQ do.

These techniques focus on the belief that the body is made up of a series of lines, through which yin and yang energies flow. If everything is flowing freely and uninterrupted, and if those energies are in perfect balance, then the body will be healthy. If there is an imbalance then problems may arise and if there is a blockage, then anything from mild to potentially life threatening symptoms can present themselves.

Qi-ssage uses acupressure techniques to remove these blockages and by learning this system you will discover how to apply pressure, how long to apply pressure for, and exactly where that pressure needs to be applied in order to alleviate a specific symptom.

Qi-ssage techniques are discussed in full on two main SFQ courses:

  • Qi-ssage Healing: This is the main Qi-ssage program, and the techniques you will learn here should help you to become an accomplished healer. This is a level 1 course, which means you can take it straight away, even if you are new to Qigong. The course itself comes with a manual, a CD and a DVD, all of which aim to help you locate energy points (based on their associated symptoms) and perform the techniques needed to clear them.
  • Head to Toe Bodys Repair Manual: Although the Qi-ssage Healing course can be used to heal yourself, its main purpose is to heal others. This course, however, is all about self-healing, and there are a total of 76 chapters, many of which cover Qi-ssage healing techniques.

Qi-ssage Massage Techniques

To give you an idea of the techniques you can find as part of the Qi-ssage courses mentioned above, here are just a few of them:

  • Elbow Massage: There is a heart channel running through your elbow, so simply by massaging this area you can alleviate a number of issues associated with the heart, including clogged arteries. This massage needs only be performed for a minute or two.
  • Finger Massage: There are a number of massages you can perform on your fingers, and these also help with problems of the heart. One of these involves pinching the tips of your fingers, which can help when you are recovering from a stroke. Another one involves rubbing each of your fingers on both of your hands. Very easy to perform, but incredibly helpful at the same time.
  • Back Pain: There is an energy point on your hand that connects to your spine, and if you massage in the right place, you can cure yourself of back pain. This applies specifically to lower back pain, which is an issue for many of us and often results from bad posture. The courses mentioned above will help you to locate this energy point and they will also guide you into using the proper technique.