Drinking tea is the best choice when you’re quitting smoking

People that smokes all understand, what it feels like when you smoke. Simply state that smoking is the spiritual tranquilizer. When you feel annoyed, your mood will get better if you smoke. When you lose your inspiration while writing, you will feel like the inspiration flow in your brain like waterfall. When you smoke too much, it will create psychological dependence on the cigarette. It feels like you have to take the key with you when you get out of home in the morning.

Smokers don’t smoke, they will feel panic. And tea is designated for helping calm your heart down. If you want to quit smoke but don’t know when and how to do, then, you should choose to drink tea.

Smokers all understand that when you stop smoking, the symptoms of irritability, anorexia, insomnia and others will appear. These symptoms are called “Quitting smoking symptoms”. It will make you feel uncomfortable. Now, what you need to do is to find something for your mouth. Drinking tea is a very good choice.

The reason why smokers get addicted to cigarette is because people has developed reliance on the nicotine contained in the cigarette. The longer you smoke, the wider will the nicotine expand in your body, they even spread to every organ and the brains. Dependence is not terrible; however, the most terrifying thing is you don’t have the patients to face the symptoms.

Clam yourself up and have a cup of tea. The tea contains rich vitamins and caffeine. In fact, this caffeine happens to be the nemesis of nicotine.

People feel happy when they smoke. However, if they keep doing this, their bodies will be slowly destroyed by the tiny cigarettes. In the long term, the illness will gradually appear in their bodies. Increased blood sugar level is commonly seen problem.

Choosing to drink tea for such reason has benefits to the blood sugar. The catechin contained in the tea can help reduce the blood sugar level. Therefore, for people who often drink tea, even if they haven’t successfully quitted smoke, the damage that caused by smoking can be weakened dramatically.

Have you had your cup of tea if you are still smoking? Remember, the body is the capital of revolution.