The Best Ways to Store and Preserve Raw Pu’er

The “ripe” Puer tea are easily ignored tea. People that don’t drink tea frequently will think it does not matter where to store the tea. People that drink tea frequently tend to feel that the “ripe” Puer tea has been fermented, which does not have a lot of potential to develop further. So there is no need to take much concern on the storage of the “ripe” Puer tea. In fact, this is not true. If you want to know how to store “ripe” Puer tea, you can follow the editor to have a look.

Clean storage environment

After the making process of “ripe” Puer tea is completed, the transformation process of the tea property turns to be slow. However, this does not mean “ripe” Puer tea does not need to stored properly in the late stage. In fact, proper stored “ripe” Puer tea can give people surprise. Especially, the strong aroma and the sweetness of the tea are very obvious. The clean storage environment is essential to the transformation process in the late stage. The clean storage will avoid the contamination of the tea from odor and keep the original flavor of the tea.

The natural transformation process

The storage of the “ripe” Puer tea is unlike the white tea, which only need to be stored in a sealed environment and avoid the light. Normally, the “ripe” Puer tea under the light avoidance condition should better also have ventilation condition. The appropriate ventilation is mainly help the growth of the beneficial bacteria. They will strengthen the beneficial effects of the “ripe” Puer tea had in terms of health. If you stored the tea in the sealed environment, the transformation process will turn slowly. The beneficial bacteria will gradually die due to inappropriate environment.

The proper control over temperature and the humidity

Storing the tea in a clean and ventilation environment is not enough. It is important to have proper control over temperature and the humidity. In the places that rains a lot, especially, when the humidity is extremely high in the rainy season. The exceeded humidity has adverse effect on Puer tea. The significant increase in moisture makes it easier for the team to become mildew. It is irreversible consequences for the people who loves tea. In terms of temperature control, it emphasizes not too high or too low temperature. Normally, you only need to control the temperature at the room temperature, where you feel comfortable.

Although post-transformation is limited for “ripe” Puer tea, the participation of the beneficial bacteria will bring surprise on its taste and effects. If you want to have a tasty “ripe” Puer tea, the storage environment and appropriate level of ventilation and temperature control is necessary.