Five Types of Tea Drinks That Will Reduce Blood Sugar

With the increasing number of diabetes, more and more people start to pay attention to the food that helps with diabetes. Among these, there is a saying that drinking tea will benefit the reduction of blood sugar. However, someone also says drinking tea will cause the fluctuation of blood sugar. Then, should diabetes patients drink tea or not? Can drink tea reduce the blood sugar? The family doctor now will give you answer online.

Is it good or bad for diabetes patients to drink tea?

The cardiovascular department professor Zhao Yiye, Chinese and Western Medical Hospital of Southern Medical University, says during the online interview, appropriate level of tea drinking is beneficial to diabetes patients. The vitamin C, caffeine contained in the tea can reduce the fatigue and improve the metabolism. Research shows that the phenolic compound can reduce or prevent the digestion of sugar in digestive system. Therefore, lower the blood sugar after dining. Thus, some people claim that drink a cup of tea before eating, it can control the high blood sugar after eating to some extent. It assisted in the treatment of diabetes.

Certain misunderstanding you need to pay attention to for diabetes patients

It is worth noting that diabetes patients should avoid drinking strong tea. The light tea is better. When you brew tea, it is better to cool down the boiled tea to 80 degrees. By doing so, it can avoid the beneficial substances in the tea destroyed by high temperature. Thus, diabetes patients should not drink tea before or after taking medicine, or taking medicine with the tea. This is to avoid the reaction between the medicine and tea. Additionally, you should not drink tea that is brewed for a long time. You should not drink the tea is cooked. After eating food with high level of protein, you should not drink tea.

Also, the burned tea or moldy tea cannot be drink. Because the burned tea contains a lot of carcinogen substances such as benzopyrene. The moldy tea has generated a large number of bacteria. If you drink such tea, it might cause stomach pain, diarrhea, dizziness, and other symptoms, which is bad for the control of diabetes.

Five types of reliable tea drinks that will reduce the blood sugar

  1. Green tea

The catechin contained in the green tea can delay the absorption of sugar in the small intestine. Thus, it reduce the increasing of blood sugar after eating. The anti-oxidation substances contained can reduce the inflammation effect of the body, increasing the strength of the capillary.

  1. Mulberry leaf tea

In ancient time, mulberry leaf have been used as the medicine to cure “diabetes”. The unique substance contained in the mulberry leaf: 1-deoxynorjirimycin can inhibit the decomposition of glucose into glucose α-glucosidase in the small intestine. Thus, preventing the increase of blood sugar. It is recommended to drink before eating, which has better effect in reducing the blood sugar.

  1. Guava tea

Made by soaking the dried tropic fruit guava tea in the hot water, it can improve the utilization rate of glucose around organs, promoting the binding of insulin and the receptor. The survey conducted by the Japanese Ryukyu University found that Okinawa region has a low rate of diabetes, which is related to the fact that locals love to drink this tea.

  1. Burdock tea

Greater Burdock soaked in hot water for 30 minutes, drinked as tea. This tea is fresh and can be brewed several times until the flavor become light. It can spread the heat inside the body, clear the throat, detoxification and has laxative effect. The modern [pharmacology proved that this tea has the effect of reducing blood pressure and blood sugar, and inhabitation of the urinary protein.

  1. Pueraria tea

Pueraria can be brewed several times as tea, until it is no longer sour. This tea can cure the thirsty, stop the diarrhea. The modern pharmacology have proved that tis tea can reduce blood sugar and blood pressure. It can prevent the retinal artery occlusion and others.