Tips for Using Left-Over Tea Residue and Leaves

Many people will pour out the tea residue after drinking their tea. In fact, there are many ways to use the tea residue. Now, let’s introduce you the tricks we can do with tea residue:

Trick #1 make you skin white and soft

Green tea can make the cuticle in the skin soft and make you skin shine.

After drinking the tea, dry the tea residue in the cool location. Then you can put them in the cloth bag.

When you are taking shower, tie the cloth bag, soaking it in the bathtub. After taking bath with tea residue, your skin will become white and soft as cream.

Trick #2 remove the black eye circle

Staying late frequently, lack of sleep, or overuse of eye, will easily lead to the lack of vitamin B12 and in return, causing black eye circle, eye edema.

Using the tea residue bag to put it over eyes is the best way to remove the black eye circle. Not only this saves money, but also very health and convenient. Remember to take the tea bag off after 10 -15 minutes.

Trick #3 Anti-wrinkle beauty method

Tea contains antioxidants naturally, which can help body aging slower.

Adding a certain amount of brown sugar, boiling them with tea residue. Later, add flour and mixed it well. Then you can put is on your face. After 10 minutes, using a clean towel to wipe the face clean. After a month, you face will turn white and soft.

Trick #4 Dried tea residue to remove odor

Dry the tea residue, put them in to the cloth bag and store it in the fridge. It can eliminate the odor caused by fish.

If you put it in your shoe, it can eliminate the odor and moisture. Place it in the kitchen, it can make the smoke caused by cooking disperse quickly. Leave it in the toilet, it can reduce the odor in the toilet.

Trick #5 Using tea leaves to treat beriberi

Tea contains rich in tannic acid, which has a strong effect in killing bacteria. It can be used to treat beriberi effectively.

For people has beriberi issue, they can take a foot bath every night with the water made from tea leaves. The beriberi can be cured in no time. However, you have to do it for long-term. Otherwise, occasional use or short time use won’t have any effect.

Trick 6 improve eyesight and help you sleep better

Put the dried tea residue inside the pillow as filling, Not only can be sterilized, eliminate odor, it can also help sleeping better and improve eyesight.

Trick #7 Tea residue can clean the dirt and remove the greasy

Using the tea residue to wash your hair, can make you hair black and shining.

Putting shampoo on your hair, then using tea to wash your help. It can better clean and make the hair get natural nutrition. It will make the hair soft, and shine.

Trick #8 get rid of moisture

The tea has strong adsorption effect. Put the dried tea residue in moisture places, it can get rid of moisture.

Trick #9 clean dishes and wipe table

Pour the tea residue on the cleaning cloth, it will not only clean the dishes faster, it will also make the dish looks as new. After washing, it will have a slight smell of freshness.

Using the tea residue to clean very oily dishes has better cleaning effect than detergent. Using tea residue to clean wooden table, chairs, it will make the furniture cleaner.