Resources and Publications Relating to Qigong

Here we do what we can to provide you with comprehensive information regarding Qigong and associated practices. However, there is only so much we can cover. This art-form has existed for over 5,000 years, and there are a lot of studies, reports, exercises, techniques and more out there.

So, to keep yourself fresh and to learn all there is to learn about this beneficial practice, checkout some of our favourite links below.

  • Tai Chi Foundation: This is one of the biggest Qigong and Tai Chi organisations in the world. It is truly global, and the news, articles, videos and more on this website apply just as much to Australians as they do to Americans and Asians. On the Tai Chi Foundation website you will also find information on upcoming events, covering all major festivals, seminars, workshops and more relating to Tai Chi. There is even a shop, where you can pickup a few essentials, although the foundation is based in New York, so it’s not practical for Australians.
  • World Tai Chi Day: This is one of the most exciting and popular festivals for Qigong in the world. The beauty of World Tai Chi Day is that it is just as popular here in Australia as it is in the United States, where it was founded. World Tai Chi Day is a global event, with more than 80 countries and 100 cities getting involved every single year. Beginning on the last Saturday of April, this is a great place to practice, to meet fellow practitioners and to learn more about Tai Chi and Qigong. So, checkout the site, make a note of the next event and then make sure you’re free.
  • Qigong Institute: One of the biggest Qigong organisations in the world, here the Qigong Institute looks at Qigong in Australia. This article is quite a few years old now, but for a 5,000 year old practice such as this, it’s brand new by comparison. Although Qigong slowly develops over the years, a lot of the things that are practiced today were the same things practiced decades, centuries and millennia ago, so this article not only provides an insight into Australia’s Qigong past, but it also provides an insight into Qigong itself.
  • Official Qigong Study: Western medicine and western practices don’t always look fondly on Traditional Chinese Medicine, but you would be surprised at just how many western studies have backed up what the Chinese have known for thousands of years. This report takes a very scientific look at Qigong and how it can benefit with mental and physical ailments, while also improving the quality of life for those considered to be relatively healthy.
  • National College of Natural Medicine: Although it is a great place to study Qigong in the US, the NCNM s a little out of reach for us Australians, but their website and their research centre still offers a great number of benefits that global Qigong practitioners can appreciate. The NCNM is also a great source of news about Qigong, as their blog is updated regularly and provides some invaluable insight into Qigong in the United States and around the world.
  • TCM World: This is one of the most popular sites relating to TCM and Qigong, and there is a wealth of information to absorb here. The site was founded by several lifelong proponents of Traditional Chinese Medicine and their experience can be seen on every page. If you have some questions about TCM or Qigong, then this is a good place to start.
  • Taking Charge: The University of Minnesota may not seem like an obvious outlet for understanding Qigong here in Australia, but this is one of the most compact yet comprehensive reports we have seen on the subject, telling you all you need to know. Qigong actually seems to have gained some solid traction in this state, as this is also where the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, run by Master Lin, is based.
  • Qigong Research Society: As its name suggests, this is a research centre that is devoted to Qigong, looking at the many benefits of this practice and aiming to bring Qigong to the masses. This society provides a great number of classes, tutorials and more on Qigong.
  • Benefits of Qigong: We have discussed the benefits of Qigong in great detail throughout this site. There is a lot to say about the subject, as there are few things that Qigong can not do. But do not take our word for it, as everyone else is saying the same thing. On this site you can find a wealth of info on the subject, which also explains a little about the history of this practice.