Spring Forest Qigong Retreats for Meditation & Spirituality

Meditation may seem simple. After all, what can be difficult about sitting down, closing your eyes and not thinking about anything? The truth is that it can be very tricky for a novice to get right. If you are new to meditation and you have sailed through a session, then there is a good chance you weren’t doing it right. That’s because proper meditation requires a little guidance, a lot of knowledge and a lot of patience. It can be difficult for typically busy, stressed-out individuals to empty their head of all thoughts and distractions, so much so that it can seem like an impossibility. And when you add the healing aspect of Qigong meditation, it becomes even more troublesome.

That’s why guided meditations are so important. These are recommended for all novice meditators. Not only will they help you sit right, breathe right and teach you some healing techniques, but the soothing, experienced narrative of the one guiding you will help you to slip into that required state.

Some of the best meditative guides out there can be found on the Spring Forest Qigong Centre. These are available as home study courses, played via MP3 or on CD, but they can also be found as part of SFQ retreats, which are staged throughout North America over the course of any given year. There are a number of these to choose from, including beginner, intermediate and advanced ones, but all of the following are regularly scheduled during retreats and seminars and all of them are aimed at beginners:

Cancer Healing Meditation

This is one of the most popular meditation guides at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, and one that is the centerpiece of many retreats. As an example, this meditation was held in two different locations in 2016, both of which were in the form of 3 day healing sanctuaries. That’s because while this course lasts for a little under an hour when downloaded as a standalone meditation guide, it tends to be more comprehensive when taken as a retreat, covering a wealth of cancer healing techniques, with this meditation at the core.

As for the purpose of this meditation, well that might seem obvious, if not a little hard to believe, but it’s true and the Cancer Healing Meditation might actually be more intensive and wide-ranging than you thought. This meditation can:

  • Help you to reduce the symptoms of cancer
  • Help you to heal yourself of this disease
  • Help others to rid themselves of this disease

If you’re still not convinced, here is what a stage 4 cancer patient had to say after she used this course and other cancer healing courses to get rid of the disease: I rejected conventional cancer treatments from your classically trained oncologists because they didn’t work the first time. This time it was my life that hung in the balance and I was resolved to find alternative measures to find healing. And, fast forward, after six, seven months of both medical treatments and visiting with Master Lin in the Spring Forest Qigong Center I am completely healed. My cancer’s gone. My doctors call me a walking miracle’”

Wisdom Retreats

These are advanced retreats, often aimed at level 4 students and held over the course of a few days at the SFQ Healing Centre. They typically contain meditations like Rainbow Meditation, which can help you to develop your third eye, while healing you of a number of serious ailments. As with the meditation listed above, this meditation can help with cancer, but it can also cure everything from bone diseases to mental health problems.

If you are unable to attend such a retreat but still want to benefit from what it teaches, then you can download a recording of a retreat that took place in 2015. This is referred to as the Wisdom Embodiment Package and can be found on the SFQ Digital Library.

Heart Opening Meditation

This is a retreat that took place in 2016 and was held in Canada, at the Knox United Church. It focuses on the power of unconditional love and takes a lead from the Healing Our World meditation guide, which you can find on the SFQ Digital Library. However, there is no meditation of this name on the SFQ website.

If you want to increase your compassion, your empathy and your love and understanding of the world, then this is the retreat for you. Love plays a key role in Spring Forest Qigong practices and all students are tasked with finding and maintaining a deep, pure and unconditional love for the world and everything in it.