7 major differences between ripe Pu-erh tea and black tea

People just starts getting to know tea might encounter the situation when they cannot tell the differences between the ripe Pu-erh tea and black tea. Now, here editor will summarize the characters of each one, and help us to learn together.

Actually, the differences between the ripe Pu-erh tea and black tea are obvious. Because the raw materials, techniques, tastes and shape of the two tea are different. We all know that Pu-erh tea is the unique product from Yunnan with its geographic signature. It has to use the rough tea as the raw material. However, the raw materials of the black tea can be many. It can use big leaves or medium and small leaves. Such as the “Dianhong” made of big fresh leaves and “Qihong” made of small fresh leaves. Now, we will talk about his in details.

  1. Difference in origin of ripe Pu-erh tea and black tea

Ripe Pu-erh tea is of course produced in Yunnan. However, black tea is produced in most of the regions in China, such as Fujian, Guangdong, Yunnan, Sichuan and etc.

  1. Difference in the process of ripe Pu-erh tea and black tea

Process of making ripe Pu-erh Tea: process the leaves into rough tea stage à pilling à Drying à filtering à selecting à sun drying àpackaging (ripe Pu-erh tea is divided into loose tea and pressed tea, if it’s loose tea, it does not need to be pressed into shapes.) The process of making rough tea are: fresh Yunnan big fresh tea leaves à killing green à rolling à sun drying.

Process of the Kungfu black tea: collecting fresh leaves àwithering à rolling à fermentation à shaping à drying à Hongmao Tea à refining à baking à finished

  1. Difference shape of ripe Pu-erh tea and black tea

There two types of the products of ripe Pu-erh tea: loose tea and pressed tea. The loose Pu-erh tea are wide, tight, heavy and shown in brown or maroon. The pressed Pu-erh tea is made by pressing the loose tea. The shapes are mainly in the form of pie, brick, block or others.

The main products of black tea are Kungfu tea and brocken tea. The Kungfu tea is mainly in bar shape; some are in a curly shape. It shows in some gold color. The brocken tea shows in fine granular. Then, it is processed into tea bags.

  1. Different color of the tea

The ripe Pu-erh tea soup is shown in deep red or maroon.

Dianhong tea shows in golden yellow. Small leave tea is in red.

  1. Different taste

Because of the raw material and processes are different. Therefore, the tastes of two vary largely.

The ripe Pu-erh tea has strong and thick tastes. Different types of ripe Pu-erh tea have different flavors: such as orchid flavor.

The black tea: sweet and pure, the flavor carries strong sugar aroma.

  1. Different times of brewing

Because the raw materials of ripe Pu-erth tea are from big trees and big leaves. Thus, it can be brewed longer, normally more than 15 times.

The black tea can normally be brewed 5 times. Good quality Dianhong, such as Black gold wild Dianhong can be brewed more than 10 times.

  1. Different brewing techniques

Brewing black tea, it is better to use normal porcelain Gaiwan or brewing device for Dianhong. At least, you can use the easy to use a tea pot.

Brewing ripe Pu-erth tea, it is preferred to use the clay teapot. The feature of the clay teapot is its tightened up mouth. The clay teapot has good insulation effect. The ripe Pu-erh tea brewed with clay teapot has stronger and thicker flavor.