Rumors About Tea Drinking – Fake Information on Tea

Rumor one: drinking tea in the night will cause insomnia, therefore, you should not drink tea in the night

Not everyone cannot drink tea in the night. There is a group of people: they don’t have high quality of sleeping, or have neurasthenia. Their bodies are highly sensitive to caffeine. This type of people should never drink tea in the night.

Because the caffeine contained in the tea can make people feel excited, thus, it is better not to drink green tea or the fresh oolong tea. It is better to drink mild tea, such as red tea, ripped Pu-erh tea and others. And the amount of the tea drink should be small. The light tea is the best. And the tea that has been stored for a few years can help people relaxed, which is benefit for sleeping.

Rumor two: tea can cure the hangover

Back in Ming Dynasty, Li Shizheng has clearly stated in the Compendium of Materia Medica the dangers of drinking tea after alcohol consumption: “Drinking tea after alcohol consumption is bad for kidney. It will add to the weight in the waist and legs, cause cold to the bladder. And the person will suffer from phlegm edema, pain in the stomach.”

Drinking tea after excessive consumption of tea will not only affect the normal metabolism of the kidney function, and increase the burden of the cardiovascular. Thus, if you accidently drink too much, don’t use the tea to cure the hangover in case of the secondary damage.

Rumor three: drinking tea can cure hundreds of diseases

Even though tea can improve health, but it is not medicine. If you are sick, you must go to see a doctor.

Rumor four: children cannot drink tea

Children can drink tea, but they should not consume excessive tea. Also, they should not drink strong tea. The digestion ability of children under 12 years old is weak. It is better for them to drink light tea.

Rumor five: the first-round tea should not use

Some people say the first-round tea can use to “wash” the pesticide residues, wash out the dust. In fact, most of the pesticide are mostly fat-soluble substances. The hot water can only dissolve little pesticide. Wanting to get rid of the pesticide residue with first-round water alone is impossible.

Additionally, besides the pressed tea, and the ball shaped oolong, that is hard to brew, the first-round of tea is actually tasty. For example, the first-round of the green tea have 50% of the useful substance.

Rumor six: people with bad stomach cannot drink tea

Rumor has it that excessive consumption of tea will hurt your stomach, which is based on the irritation effect of the caffeine has on stomach. In fact, caffeine can cause irritation to the stomach. However, it can also help digestion by increase the gastrointestinal motility, and increase appetite.

As long as you control the concentration and the amount of the tea, it won’t cause too much issue to the stomach. On the contrary, the mellow tea can form a surface on the stomach and in return protect the stomach.

Rumor seven: drinking milk tea will cause gallstones

It is actually referring to the milk tea with boba, not the milk tea made from purely black tea and milk.

Rumor eight: drinking tea and milk at the same time will cause osteoporosis

Some experts think the tannic acid contained in the milk will combine with the calcium in the milk, lowering the absorption of the calcium. In long run, it will cause osteoporosis. In fact, compare to vegetables, the tannic acid contained in the tea is not much. To reach the amount of tannic acid needed to cause osteoporosis, you will have to drink one or two tons.