Health Benefits of Sencha Tea

Do you enjoy drinking Sencha tea? Then you’ll be glad to know there are many health benefits of Sencha tea.

Not only will you enjoy it’s refined taste by drinking Sencha tea, you will also enjoy the beneficial side effects on your health. If you choose not to drink Sencha tea then you are missing out on its soothing taste and wonderful fragrance.

Sencha tea originates from Kyoto Japan and out ot the total amount of tea produced in japan 80% of it is Sencha. What makes Sencha tea different from other types of tea is that it is minimally processed and does not undergo any fermentation process. Compare this to black tea which does undergo a fermentation process.

The tea leaves used in Sencha are grown under direct sunlight and as a result of this contains a very desirable antioxidant called Catechin. After harvesting the leaves undergo a process similar to Gyokuro tea: steaming, drying and kneading and sorting.

When it comes to the health benefits of Sencha Tea a lot of it can be attributed to the tea being rich in antioxidants and in particular the previously mentioned Catechin. Sencha tea will provide benefits such as lower high blood pressure and reduce overall cholesterol, help with mental performance and focus, dental health and prevent cancer and heart disease.

Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Drinking Sencha will lower your blood pressure and your cholesterol. This is because of the antioxidants contained within the tea which will help remove the buildup of bad cholesterol (LDL) that occurs in your blood arteries. These antioxidants and polyphenols contained in Sencha also act as a barrier preventing cholesterol being absorbed into the body and helps eliminate cholesterol from the body.

Prevent Cancer

Antioxidants like catechin fight free radicals in your body which damage your cells and make you at higher risk of cancer. The antioxidants in Sencha will help reduce damage to your cells and in some cases aid in cell repair. This is important for preventing cancer.

Oral health/Dental health

Sencha can be thought of as ‘fluoride in its natural form’ because of both the fluoride and minerals contained in it. These act to reduce your cavities and strengthen your enamel. Its antioxidants act as an anti-bacterial providing a sterilizing effect to your mouth and in the process freshening your breath. Sencha also helps in dealing with the difficulties of sore throats and colds, killing the bacteria associated with them.

Mental Alertness

The caffeine and theanine in Sencha act as a mild stimulant. This can aid you in focusing and stimulating your brain. It also has a calming effect as well helping you with sleeping or handling anxiety.

As you can tell, there are many health benefits of Sencha tea apart from enjoying its refined taste and aroma. You will be able to lower risk of heart disease, prevent cancer, improve your oral and dental health and help with your mental alertness. Add Sencha to your daily diet today!