SFQ Level 3 Review – Qigong for Advanced Healing

If you are preparing yourself for level 3 at the SFQ, then you should already know some incredibly helpful techniques. You will have learned everything from the all-over healing Small Universe meditation, to the essential Energy Breathing practice. You will understand how to use acupressure to heal yourself and others and you will also know plenty of active exercises and energy techniques. If you do not, then you should take a few steps backwards and take the level 1 and level 2 courses that you may have missed.

If you do, then it’s time to take your final steps in the intermediate level and your first steps towards the advanced level.

Moon Meditation

This is a soothing, calming meditation, designed to be taken during the evening or on a nighttime. Moon Meditation is at its best when performed outside, with the fresh night air on your skin and the silverly moonlight beating down on you. This setting helps to make the Moon Meditation even more powerful, even more beneficial.

This meditation begins like all other SFQ meditations. You will be tasked with opening your energy channels, breathing deeply and slowly and then performing visualizations as instructed by Master Lin, who narrates this level 3 meditation. If you have made it this far then you should be experienced enough to slip into a meditative state fairly quickly, which is why there is no preparation stage to this guide. If you have an issue with doing that, then simply take some time to prepare before beginning. If that is still not enough, then you may need more time and more experience before you tackle this meditation.

That’s because the Moon Meditation is fairly advanced. It will show you how to develop your third eye, which is how you unlock your true potential. This is something that is explored in full during levels 4 and 5, but it is first touched upon during this meditation and the Sun Meditation.

Sun Meditation

While the Moon Meditation was designed to be practiced on an evening, the Sun Meditation should be practiced during the day. In fact, it works best when performed in the morning, preferably when you first wake up and embrace the sunshine of a new day. As with the Moon Meditation, if you can perform it outside in the fresh air, you will get even more out of it.

Sun Meditation can help you to open your third eye, but it can also give you a boost and prepare you for the day ahead. If you struggle to find energy in the morning and often find yourself struggling later in the day as a result, then this could help. Sun Meditation will give your body and your mind a boost of energy. It will also help to improve your confidence and to reduce anxiety. The Sun Meditation, like many meditations provided by the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, can also help to boost your healing power.

Qigong for Advanced Healing

According to the Spring Forest Qigong Centre, the purpose of the Qigong for Advanced Healing course is to help you to, “open your third eye, awaken the universal energy within you and take it to a higher level of consciousness to help yourself and others heal!” As the course details explain, in level 1 you learned ways that you could heal yourself, in level 2 you learned ways that you could heal others, while in level 3 you will complete the healing cycle and unlock your true potential. Of course, as final as that sounds, this is far from the last course you will take at the Spring Forest Qigong Centre. In fact, it’s not even close, as there are 2 full levels left after this, but once you make it through this course and everything else that level 3 teaches you, then you will feel like a true healer, a true master.

This course comes in three parts, with 2 CDs and a manual. Those CDs contain the Moon Meditation and the Sun Meditation, as described above, while the manual describes a number of other techniques. Overall, this course aims to show you ways that you can cure some serious, life threatening diseases, including all of the following:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Cancer
  • Severe Depression and Anxiety
  • Heart Diseases
  • Blood Problems
  • AIDS, Lupus, and Other Autoimmune Conditions
  • Severe Pain
  • Diabetes
  • Strokes 

So, if you or someone you love has one of these conditions, then this course could literally save lives.