SFQ Fundamentals Small Universe – Qi Balance through Meditation

SFQ Qi Balance MeditationThe Small Universe is an audio meditation exercise found in the SFQ Fundamentals course book and DVD/CD package that also includes Level 1 SFQ active Qigong exercises and a handbook on the theory behind the exercises. The meditation is centralized around balancing the two main energy points in the body called Ren and Mai in Chinese, and is based on visualization of energy flow across 12 different points along these two main channels. The name Small Universe reflects the full circulation of energy across the body’s two main energy channels, connecting Yin and Yang to combine harmoniously just as they do throughout the entire universe.

Chunyi refers to this exercises as “one of the most powerful meditations he has ever experienced,” as it incorporates corrective breathing, the power of the mind and the power of sound to help you balance and enhance the flow of energy. It also helps people to heal themselves better mentally, physically and spiritually, in addition to helping people experience their optimal health, wellness and happiness.

At the heart of Qigong, which was created more than 4,000 years ago, is to balance energy in the body and realize that at the heart of everything in the universe is energy but in different forms. When energy in the body flows smoothly, you witness wellness and optimal health, and when it is the opposite this is when energy blockages form in the body and problems develop. It is important to remember that energy is in everything and cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed. In fact, the energy in the body is always transforming and it is only a question of whether it is for better or worse. Therefore, if energy is flowing freely and blockage are gone, and then the body is able to heal itself.

Chunyi in fact talks candidly on how effective this exercise is for achieving a balanced state of energy, as he suffered from a bone spur in his back from a very early age and had knees that both suffered from arthritis.  He used Small Universe along with other Qigong exercises to rid himself completely of the illnesses, and has since devoted himself to teaching others how to perform them to revive their health. Chunyi swears by the Small Universe exercise and many people have used it to heal and restore their energy.

Qi flows throughout the body’s meridian channels and there are 2 main energy channels in the body. The one in the back that goes along the spine governs all the body’s yang or masculine energy channels in the body while the one in the front governs the yin or feminine channels. Most of the main energy centers are along these two channels, which supply energy to other meridian and energy centers throughout the body. The Small Universe meditation is centered around harnessing energy from these two main channels and dispersing it throughout surrounding energy channels and points for optimal health.

Starting from the lower Dantian, the CD begins with concentrated breathing on this point, which is the main energy center in the lower part of the body. For every of the 12 main points there is concentrate breathing in which energy comes in and purifies the area followed by its release back into the universe while exhaling to the next point. With each point you alternate between the sounds “Om” and “Muah”, with Om representing the sound of the universe when it exploded into being and Muah as the opposite or “Om” pronounced backwards.

You perform these steps along the following 12 main energy points:

  1. Dantian
  2. Bladder
  3. Bottom of torso
  4. Tailbone
  5. Lower back
  6. Kidney area
  7. Base of the neck
  8. Base of the head
  9. Top of the head
  10. 3rd eye
  11. Throat
  12. Heart area

Each rotation takes about two minutes and 30 seconds to complete and can be done throughout either the 30 minute CD or the 60 minute CD. We recommend starting off with the 30 minute one as 60 minutes can intimidating and a bit much for beginners, but over time you can work your way up. The only difference between these two versions is the time limit, and overall the Small Universe can be performed sitting, standing or lying down as long as the spine is straight. We usually perform this sitting in a meditation posture to increase our focus but this can also be done siting while on the train or bus. Lying down is effective as well but may cause you to feel tired.

By the end of the meditation, you may feel warmer than before just as many Qigong exercises cause people to do, and there might even be tingling sensations throughout the body. If you have had an injury on a specific area, this may start to feel healed and in some cases may even cause to tighten. Don’t worry though, as this is similar to when a doctor issues medicine to a patient and the sickness becomes worse before healing.

We recommend performing this exercise in accordance with the active exercises from Level 1 on a daily basis or switching between the two every other day for the best results.