Shanghai Tea Houses – Recommended Tea Drinking Spots

Wanting to find a quiet place in a hot summer, be free, there is no better place than the tea houses, which are the quiet places in the busy city and hidden. After all, the steamy aroma of tea and the simple Zen can always calm you down. Surrounded by the fresh and nature view, there is no way you can’t cool down.

Yinxi (Hidden Creek) Tea House

Like its name, Hidden Creek Tea House, its three locations in Shanghai are all famous for its hidden, quiet, and elegant environment. The choice of the locations are all quiet places in the busy city, very suitable to get away from the noisy and busyness of the city. The store near the Huangjincheng Road, Gubei is relatively new. The entrance is hidden behind a row of green bamboo. Working forward, the noise and the hot are gradually swept away by the bamboo. Entering the door, the water are floating, the fishes are swimming in the water, making the place full of Zen.

Huangjincheng Store

Cost per person: 146 yuan

Address: No. 668 Huangjincheng Road

Tel: 021-32206517

The location at Wuxing Road feels like fairyland: when you entering the door, it is still the pool with fishes, stepping on the stones, listening to the sound of water floating, and smelling at the aroma of the tea, you feel like walking into the quiet fairyland. Each room has different names. The servers here moves slowly and quietly. Inside the steam, they seem like fairies. In such environment, everything seems slowed down. It is perfect place for enjoying a nice afternoon.

Wuxing Store

Cost per person: 138 yuan

Address: No. 750 Zhaojiabang Road (Huaxin Stock, Longtou Building)

Tel: 021-64660817

The location at Yuqing road is the existence of elegant and quiet. The glass room is hidden under the green light, which are bright. The location has high level of privacy, which is appropriate for chatting or creating. With the aroma of tea, you feel like the world is so quiet. However, the glass room is easy to get hot in summer, you must have enough air conditioning.

Yuqing Store

Cost per person: 157 yuan

Address: No. 17 Yuqing Road close to Middle Huaihai Road

Tel: 021-64170117

Dayin Vihara

The Dayin Vihara located in South Chongqing Road has definitely the definition of “Hidden in the plain site”. Its quietness makes people passing by easy to miss the existence of the place. Once you entered the store, you will be attracted by the atmosphere here, making you feel like the hotness has been kept outside the door. Dayin Vihara is the flagship store under the brand of Dayin Bookmall. It is the location, where you can read, taste the tea, learn to communicate. There are various culture and entertainment events will be held here. Here, you can not only enjoy your alone time, you can also chat with people, who you share the same interest. If you haven’t had enough, you can borrow a couple of books and read at home, continuing your calm at your home.

Cost per person: 100 yuan

Address: No. 1 Building, No. 308 South Chongqing Road (Close to Middle Jianguo Road)

Tel: 021-54260520