Map of clean and quiet teahouses in Shanghai

In May, the spring is old while the summer is still young. It is the time for the flowers to fall, the green to grow rapidly. Everything grows in the spring. But now, the spring flower is lack of romance, the summer heat has not arrived yet. Now, how to embrace the early summer in 2016 in a most beautiful way? The different sizes teahouses hidden in the street are not bad choices. There won’t be too much crowds. The atmosphere is good for getting together with your like-minded friends. Let go have a cup of tea.

  1. Half Strong (Ban Long)

The tree is blossom with flowers; the tea flavor is half strong.

Address: 2-4 Floor, No. 1 Building, No. 339 Changle Road, Shanghai

Per capita: 177 RMN

This teahouse is not opening for very know. Thus, not many people know it. But whoever been there, are fascinated by the teahouse. The teahouse is located on Changle Road, where is filled with petty bourgeoisie. It combined tea ceremony, vegetarian, beautiful utensil, snacks and culture. It also integrates the beautiful seasonal ingredients and elegant fusion, creating unique classic Chinese tea snacks. So, people can drink tea here quietly and enjoy the summer.

The handwritten tea menu, the carefully selected tea, tea table with a sense of history, delicate tea utensils, foods with a look of flower, and the jasmine aroma. Everything here is pretty. It makes people appreciate the existing of such place in a noisy city. The owner is family with tea, snacks and tea culture. The cat here is surprisingly docile. It feels good to touch the cat. No matter how the guest fondle it, the cat will cooperate with good temper. Drinking tea here purely for a whole afternoon, it is such a enjoyment.

  1. Zen Joy Teahouse

Here lives fairy, who can brew tea.

Address: No. 17 Yuqing Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai (Near Middle Huaihai Road)

Per capita: 129 RMN

Zen Joy Teahouse is a newly opened teahouse in Shanghai, hidden in a German Styled Bungalow on Yuqing Road. If you do not visit this place in purpose, you would easily miss it. However, it became a popular place among celebrities and media in a few months. The seats, which are floating with the green lotus leaves in the water outdoor, is definitely the highlights of the teahouse. Stepping on the stones, you can embrace your own space with the tea aroma. Here lives a group of fairies, who can brew tea. The tea specialists with good looks wear tailor made white clothes made from silk. They seem like the fairies from the heaven.

There are mainly five types of tea: Wuyi tea, black tea, white tea, green tea and Pu-er. All the water used to brew tea are delivered from the spring water in Anji Mountain every night. The water can only be preserved for 17 hours. All the tea wares are porcelain, customized in Jingde County. The temperate is easily to raise, which gives the tea richer sense of layering. All the paintings in the teahouse are authentic. You can enjoy thousand piece of owner’s collections. Accompanied with the tea, there are five seasonal snacks. If you are hungry, you can let a porridge with three sides to satisfy your stomach and taste bud.

  1. ICHA

Get drunk at the most fashionable teahouse in Shanghai

Address: Room 104, No. 1 Building, No. 119 Madang Road, Shanghai, China

ICHA comes from China, promoting “Oriental tea, new experience. The owner of ICHA is a pretty and hot mom with three children. She has combined the traditional Chinese tea with eastern fashion arts, creating a modern tea drinking space – ICHA. During the daytime, you can enjoy Hongyu 18, Oriental Beauty and other good quality tea. With the creative Belgian waffle, exclusive fancy cold tea, you can eat the snacks and drink tea at the balcony facing the street in the breeze. In the evening, the tea specialist turns into bartender. Once the tea encounters the alcohol, I guarantee that you are drunk before your even start drinking.

ICHA Xintiandi Limited Edition – Tea Mojito. The tea base is freshly made from Yuanye tea, accompanied with fresh tropic fruits. It will give you a taste that you have never had before. Another “Tea Martini” series is combining oriental tea and vodka. The guests that had it all say that the tea cocktail has a special charm like a hybrid.

  1. Go Drink Tea – Teahouse

Address: No. 45 Alley, No. 1280 Yuyuan Road, Shanghai, China (Near Anxi Road)

Per Capita: 85 RMB
Go Drink Tea Teahouse is an authentic and very delicate teahouse, hidden in the alley. It is definitely what called hidden in the plain sight. Once you see the circular arches with the sign, you know you are at the right place. You need to ring the bell to get inside. A courtyard with melodious music, you could not help but whisper and speak quieter and quieter.

The interior design is very traditional. There is designed area for tea tasting and VIP room. The atmosphere is quiet and comfortable. The black tea and Pu-er her are very good. They also have some not very common tea. People that loves tea should not miss this place. A teapot of tea, a touch of sunshine, the quietness of the time floating is just fine. Ordering a featured Old Tree Tea, looking at the lazy Himalayan cat and counting the time flying away with you.

5、The Known Teahouse

I know, I know, it’s the time for the tea.

Address: No. 1 Alley, No. 689 Yongjia Road, Shanghai, China (Near Henshan Road)

Per Capita: 150 RMB
The Known Teahouse hides in a French Bungalow among some buttonwood. The environment and the name of the teahouse are both artistic and filled with Zen spirit in the summer. The gate of the teahouse is not very apparent. So, it is easily to miss the entrance. However, after you enter the door, you will find so much more inside. The first and second floor have open balcony and garden. The interior are mainly light colored coaches and chairs. Besides giving you a flow of atmosphere of gallery styled teahouse, it also gives you a feeling at your grandma’s house. It feels even better in a rainy day.

The tea house provides various tea and snacks. The owner is particular about the quality of the tea and the brewing methods. The white tea brewed with pottery pot is very popular. The exclusive local cuisine, noodles mixed with scallion, oil, and soy sauce, and wonton are the top choices among guests. Besides selling tea and china, here will also held different themed exhibition of artists regularly. When you find a quiet place in a busy market, it is best for you to have some friends here drinking tea for a whole afternoon.

  1. Songfang Teahouse

Chines tea ceremony in a nostalgia way of a French lady

Address: Jia, No. 227 Yongjia Road, Shanghai, China (Near South Shanxi Road)

Per capita: 84 RMB

Songfang Teahouse occupies a whole bungalow. The decoration combines the simply European style and nostalgia style of the new Chinese features. Even though the teahouse is owned by a French lady, it has everything features needed for a Chinese teahouse. The name of the foreign friend, who loves traditional Chinese culture, is Songfang. All the tea wares are printed with unique logo with a blue theme. The teahouse have more than 60 types of tea, 40 of which are the top teas produced locally, another 20 are the French Ceylan tea with a 150-year-history. The tea wares are very pretty. The atmosphere are very nostalgic, which makes you think about the past memories.

The teahouse is renovated from a bright colored house in the alley, which was built in 1930. The cane chairs are provided for the customers, creating a bright and comfortable courtyard. Guests here can purchase tea on the first floor, from over 70 kinds of Chinese and French tea. Or they can go upstairs to the teahouse on the second and third floor, and enjoy a wonderful tea taste journey. The tea base and the tea contains with interesting decoration of the blue and pink logo can also be purchased.

  1. Tea brewing house

Any drink at 1 yuan

Address: Floor 34, Ruifeng Hotel Apartment, No. 1066 East Yan’an Road, Shanghai, China

The tea brewing house is located on the 34th floor of the Ruifeng Hotel Apartment. The decoration is elegant and special. The balcony looks like a huge garden in the air. It should be the only teahouse in Shanghai have a rooftop balcony. One RMB per every minutes per person of one teapot at a maximum 99 RMB. It is first ever heard that charge by time.

The teahouse focuses on Kungfu Tea and health tea and are brewed in the way by your selection. The teahouse provides featured tea snacks and simple meal. The owner is a senior tea specialist. All the tea snacks are shipped from Japan by air. The philosophy of the Tea Brew House is that they do not treat Chinese tea as luxury, making the enjoyment more relaxed. Here, you can enjoy your free time at such a place that you can forget all your sorrows and tiredness.

  1. Yanyu Jiangnan Teahouse

The rain is here if the tea is here.

Address: Inside the Quyang Park, No. 980 West Tiyuhui Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai, China

Per capita: 81 RMB

The Yanyu Jiangnan Teahouse is located by the pond of the Quyang Park. Just like its name, the teahouse gives you a view of Jiangnan. The green trees, floating water outside the window, gives you such an enjoyment, when you sit by the window. The lounge and the bed are specially designed. The bird cage, the carved wooden door and windows, and the red curtain all shows elegant of the place. The guests can enjoy the comfortableness while they are drinking the tea.

There is not only tea in the store, unlimited supply of fruit and snacks, but also books and games you can play. Here, thinking or chatting are both suitable. Besides tea, beers are also provided here. Even though the amount of the tube beer is not large, it is enough in such environment. When you look outside the window unconsciously, there is all pretty views close by or far away.

  1. Zen Escape

The Zen Escape Teahouse owned by Jacky Chan

Address: Building No. 2, Jacky Chan Movie Art Museum, No. 88 East Yunlin Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, China

Per Capita: 217 RMB

As China’s first non-material cultural heritage of art, the Artistic Zen Tea, Zen Wine themed club is an essential part of the Jacky Chan’s Movie Art Museum, supervised by Jacky Chan himself. The teahouse combines the Zen spirit with the tea ceremony, making it the new place to go if you want to taste tea. The layout is renovated from an old factory. The entrance is transparent and bright. It has three floors, each floor has private room. Each floor has its own theme.

Different than common seen teahouses, Zen Escape’s main business is Tibetan Tea. It has integrate the valuable Tibetan medicine into the tea culture, including skin whitening series, weight loss series, hangover cure series, smoke remove and other series targeting different groups. There are even handmade tea snacks, and delicate but simple meals with three Zen themes: Zen of Water, Zen of Earth, and Zen of Sky. They also search for delicious food all over China. Here, you can see the sky, starts, moon, and sun when you lift your head. It really feels like the life is just a dream.

  1. Qiao Bingshan Room

The sound of traditional instrument in downtown

Address: No. 33 Shaoxing Road, Shanghai, China (Near South Shanxi Road)

Per Capita: 30 RMB

The teahouse on the Shaoxing Road has a sign of “Qiao Bingshan Room” on the door. Two lanterns are hanging high by the sides, giving you a sense of mystery. The tea wares, flowers and grasses are all over the places inside the room, with the paintings on the wall, adding a strong aroma of book into the air. The Ming and Qing dynasty styled candlestick with the writing of “instrument” and “tea” on it, plus the ancient instrument, the place look even more elegant.

Walking through the hall, an outdoor courtyard surrounded by flowers and grasses suddenly appeared in front of your eyes. Here, you can enjoy the quietness without being disturbed. Accompanied by the sound of ancient instrument and the floating water, you can slowly brew a cup of tea and have a nice afternoon with your friends.